2 thoughts on “WHAT’S WRONG WITH TRUMP?

  1. Sorry, I do not have the time to list everything wrong with Trump.

    But I will try. He’s too fat and he has no morals. He cheats at everything, including golf. His default reaction, always, is to lie.

    He has taught his children to be like him, and is projecting a role model that will affect society for many years. Fifteen years ago a ten or eleven-year old kid bounced through the crowd at a McKinleyville track wearing a sleeveless t-shirt with words I have never forgotten. I looked around to see what his parents looked like, but no luck. The t-shirt said “It isn’t a lie unless you get caught”. Maybe he was watching Trump on TV in those days; now he no doubt votes for Trump – if he votes.

    The worst thing about Trump: his followers. Have a nice day!

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