TAX DAY edition! Let’s begin by dissecting one of the lies
Out Fake President pushed last week. Read about it HERE.

And anyone who isn’t nervous about having a President who screeches at every opportunity that any one who DARES to investigate him is guilty of TREASON,   well, you should be.  Here’s a piece from Salon explaining WHY Trump is so terrified of  showing his tax returns.  Hint: It has to do with money laundering.  Read it HERE.  

Here’s some news for all of us concerned about  healthcare  in the local area.  Jim Wood has changed his position on nurse practitioners .  Read about it HERE.

FAREWELL TO THE NCRA-  and I’m still pissed. The only thing that stands between us and a world-class tourist attraction  is the approximately $1B it would cost to build an environmentally correct railroad through the Eel River Valley, but that will never be, now. I’m so grateful I had the chance to ride the train down to San Rafael when it was still running.  All those tunnels!  I will never forget it. RIP our railroad.

High heels for a good cause?-   Thanks to  Professor Kathleen Corbett for writing in the Times-Standard what many of us have been thinking. Is is really that funny  to see men mincing around in shoes that WOMEN haven’t worn for years??  We love the Soroptimists, but they need a new schtick. 

Is Julian Assange a journalist?  Not any more than I am, but he deserves props for his tenaciousness.  I guess.  Here’s Tim O’Brien’s take,  right HERE.

ALL HAIL THE IVANHOE! I recently had dinner for the first time at what is billed as Humboldt’s oldest restaurant, the venerable Ivanhoe in Ferndale. I wasn’t expecting much, but I was surprised. Despite the antique surroundings, the feeling of the place is totally contemporary, the staff is sharp and helpful and the choice of half- or full- entreés is VERY useful. I had the half-portion of the chicken piccata and it was more than enough. It came with a side of penne pasta with a light tomato sauce and the two sauces set each other off well. I don’t remember the caesar salad, so it must have been good. The drinks were well-made and the bar was lively, so I wouldn’t worry about being early to dinner. You’ll be entertained. The Ivanhoe is ALMOST worth the drive to Ferndale, and for me that’s saying a lot since I prefer short drives, in Eureka.

BTW, the reason we were in Ferndale was to see a wonderful show at the Ferndale Rep, the Leiber-Stoller revue Smokey Joe’s Café. I’d kinda forgotten about the Ferndale Rep–I think the last time I was actually inside it they were still showing movies- but they are the real deal and it was a wonderful show. If they bring it back, go. Two weeks later, I still can’t get Spanish Harlem out of my head.

The LA TIMES LIVES, and is doing critical reporting despite premature announcements of its demise. Here’s a good writeup of how the paper is surviving in the post-newspaper age right HERE

THE ALLEN McCLOSKEY MESS- I will confess I was about 30 seconds this side of writing a check to him and I’m sure glad I didn’t. I don’t know what the rules are for getting a donation back if the campaign crashes and burns, but I’m sure they’re complicated. Thank God for Ryan Burns of LOCO whose interview raised many unanswerable questions. So now we’re stuck with NO ONE declared for running against Rex Bohn, who makes stupid racist comments unworthy of a 12-year old AND HAS ALREADY SERVED TWO TERMS. The deadline for declaring your candidacy is to run is August of NEXT year so start saving your pennies and hitting up your friends. Last I heard it costs about $200K to run a viable campaign for BOS, but maybe we could hear from someone with firsthand knowledge. Matthew?

THE REST OF THE REST- I promised to include a review of the REST of the 18? 19? hopefuls who are running for the Democratic nomination but there’s no hope. They’re multiplying like mice or rabbits. Uncle Joe is still dithering, which at this point is unwise. Eric Swalwell, our neighbor from the East Bay, is having to split that base with Kamala. In another year. he would be the walkaway winner. Cory Booker is having a hard time getting traction. Jay Insley seems like a nice guy. I think I’ll leave the big list to CNN and you can read it HERE.

I know none of you will admit to watching it, but 90-Day Fianceé is returning to TLC soon and those of you who missed any of the drama can catch up soon. I Tivo it. I apparently missed the big scene on which clueless Cole finally dumped his Brazilian gold-digger bride but I’m sure they’ll rerun it. She was unbelievable.


2 thoughts on “SHORT RIBS AND RANDOM THOUGHTS, April 14 2019

  1. Did you take the regular train to San Rafael or the Rail Diesel Car (Budd Car) that ran up to April 30, 1971, the day before Amtrak was established? Did you ever take the Daylight cars that Bryan Whipple used for his Redwood Coast Railway in 1985. That was a first class operation by a dedicated rail enthusiast.

    • The regular train to San Rafael, twice in approximately 1957 or ’58. My grandmother took me and I will never forget it. I’m almost sorry she did because it increases the pain of knowing that the rail is gone, never to return. Missed out on the Redwood Coast Railway.

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