Idle musings- what are the best meals in Humboldt County? Here’s my list: 1) the fish and chips at Loco Fish in Eureka (haven’t tried the Arcata location), 2) the Chino sandwich at Pasta Luego in Arcata  3) the  lox benedict  breakfast at the Benbow Inn  4) the gyros at  the Kabob Café in Valley West and 5) the chowder AND fish & chips at the Vista del Mar in Eureka.  Honorable mention:  the  linguini pescadores at the Bella Italia in Eureka, and also anything at the Stuf’d Potato.  We can’t seem to do anything right up here, but boy do we eat good!  Your nominations welcome.

While we’re talking about food, have you ever heard of John’s Grill in San Francisco? I LIVED there for several years in the ‘Eighties and I never heard of the place. It’s on Ellis Street. Isn’t that the Tenderloin? Anyway, the place is so hot these days that Eric Swalwell and Cory Booker BOTH had fundraisers there on the same day last week. The menu is HERE and I guess I’ll have to check it out when I get down there. The prices aren’t too bad, at least for lunch.

OUR FAKE PRESIDENT continues his fact-free odyssey. Read an account of his family’s roots HERE.

I’m declaring a moratorium on any comments on the Mueller report until such time as we can actually READ it. Also I’d like to present you with a side-by-side comparison of Bill Barr and the Blue Meanie from the Yellow Submarine but my WordPress skills aren’t up to it. AND I have nothing to say about the Allen McCloskey mess except that the Democrats had better come up with a new candidate in District One. Rex has had two terms. It’s not supposed to be a lifetime job.

Just designed to make you feel old: as of Friday, Colin Powell was 82.

THE REST OF THE HERD: How many people are running for the Democratic nomination? The President’s behavior has grown SO erratic, his screeching so irrational, that he has already conceded the 2020 election by his craziness. He throws out positions, then changes before sundown. Clearly, he is not a serious candidate for re-election. So, who’s next?

JOE BIDEN: has weathered the accusations of half a dozen women who say- several years after the fact – that they felt “uncomfortable” because of his touch-feely behavior. There was a book back in the ‘Sixties by Eric Berne called Games People Play. One game is called “Museum”. The player sits on his grievances for years, then springs his accusations on his unsuspecting victims, who can’t even remember the original incident. I don’t have much respect for people who play Museum. I respect people who speak up for themselves at a time when it would actually be useful. Biden may be the front-runner but he IS 78, and he’ll need a helluva running mate to overcome that. I hope he finds one. I wouldn’t have a problem in the world voting for Uncle Joe. Especially now that the polls show he’s the candidate Trump fears the most .

KAMALA – hasn’t made any mistakes so far. That’s amazing.

ELIZABETH WARREN- Has made LOTS of mistakes, some in the distant past like the stupid claim to NA heritage. She’s got some great ideas, but I don’t think she’ll recover.

AMY KLOBUCHAR: is FORMIDABLE! I am impressed with her, whether or not she torments her staff. She’s definitely on my shortlist.

KIRSTEN GILLIBRAND- is impressive but I’m still pissed off at her for her leading role in driving Al Franken from the Senate, for which she has recently expressed regret. A little late. Franken’s wit and savvy would have been welcome in the fight against Trump and his minions.

MAYOR PETE: His last name is pronounced “BOODASUCH” or “BOODASICH” depending who you ask and when HE says it, it goes by so fast you still can’t figure it out. Watch for him! He’s the only gay candidate to make an impression that I can, he’s cute as a bug and well-spoken. Maybe a bit on the young side. I could vote for him.

BETO O’ROURKE- is a superlative campaigner who still doesn’t seem to have an agenda. He’s an awesome speaker, on a par with Bill Clinton. I wish he could be bottled and just brought out for rallies.

CORY BOOKER- breaks my heart. Such a good candidate, but I’m afraid he’ll be trampled in the crowd. But he’s still young. Same for Julian Castro and Eric Swalwell, also Jay Inslee. Clearly, the Democrats have an embarrassment of riches this time around.

AND BERNIE SANDERS- I voted for him in the 2016 primary and if he can pull off winning the nomination, I’ll happily vote for him. He grows on you.

THE REST OF THE REST: or the “Why Are they Running? ” crowd. As I am typing this, a senator from Ohio named Tim Ryan is announcing his run. Why? He’s the most boring speaker I’ve heard in a long time, nothing new. He has the potential to be the Mike Pence of the left, boring and antiseptic. Howard Schultz has a repulsive personality, Mike Bloomberg needs to stay out. There are are now SEVENTEEN democrats running for the nomination and I’m not sure that includes Biden. We’ll deal with Swalwell, Hickenlooper, Delaney etc next time. Or not.

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  1. John’s Grill is between Union Square and Market Street, not really in the Tenderloin. Dashell Hammett used John’s Grill as a place where Sam Spade would get lunch so the top floor is a museum to the Maltese Falcon. Good food. John Constatin, the owner, has provided a free lunch for many years for anyone who comes in on election day.

    P.S. Joe Biden is 76. (Still older than Reagan was when he ran.)

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