THE GREAT NEGOTIATOR WIMPS OUT AGAIN!  Poor wittle Donnie apparently isn’t smart enough to multitask, so he wants to hold the whole government hostage until the Dems have completed ALL their investigations. Does he think no one will notice that he hasn’t accomplished anything anyway?  You can’t make this stuff up.  Read about it in the Post, HERE.

Have you noticed that  restaurant reviews have lots of info about food, but very little about  equally important aspects of your restaurant experience, like for instance, how easy is it to access? Do you know that 10% of our population has a disability??  The Washington Post reports that things are changing, if slowly.   Read the story  HERE.

ALSO from the Post:  “A strange thing about life in 2019 is that the president of the United States will wake up, watch television and then go online and accuse a bunch of people of treason,” WaPo’s Mark Berman tweeted Friday.  This is the kind of world we live in now,  in which the Attorney General acts as the President’s personal lawyer. They should  BOTH be impeached!

And here’s what Mayor Pete had to say about Trump and his methods, on FOX TV no less:”‘It’s a very effective way to command the attention of the media,’ Buttigieg said. ‘I think that we need to make sure that we’re changing the channel from this show that he’s created. … And I get it, look — it’s mesmerizing and hard for anyone to look away. Me too. It is the nature of grotesque things that you can’t look away.’   I like that last part.

And here’s what POLITICO  has to say:  “THINK ABOUT THIS … IN THE LAST TWO WEEKS, JARED KUSHNER has launched two initiatives: his big-time immigration plan, and an economic plan for the Middle East, aimed at empowering the Palestinians.

“WHAT’S THE COMMON THREAD HERE? In both cases, a debate about the merits was drowned out by an apparent lack of preparation — and coalition-building — by Jared’s crew in the White House. “

REMEMBER KRIS KOBACH???   The one who was tasked with enumerating the 3 million illegal votes supposedly cast in the 2016 election.?  He’s been dickering with the Trump administration for a job.  His demand list (worth reading) is  HERE

Finally, remember when your Fake President said he wouldn’t be playing a lot of golf? Just another lie. Read about it HERE.

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