Doesn’t it warm your heart to know that Our Fake President is retweeting AS REAL that doctored video of Nancy Pelosi slurring her words?  Can he go any lower? Time will tell.  Now he’s off to Japan, tweeting insults to Joe Biden and everyone else who threatens him.  Remember when that kind of behavior would have  been unacceptable??   Here’s a clue:  It still is.   What has also become clear is that AG Barr is even more evil and duplicitous that his boss.  Getting rid of Barr is even more critical than getting rid of Trump,  when you think about it.   Let’s hope the Orange One doesn’t make too much of a fool of himself in Japan. His appearances will be carefully choreographed.  Does he know how to eat with chopsticks??  He will come back having proved again that he CANNOT negotiate,  not even a little bit.  Fake, fake, fake.

What sets Trump off? Nancy Pelosi is an expert at getting under his skin. POLITICO has the story HERE. 

And how does Trump respond , except with an altered video as we mentioned,  see it HERE.   And from the New YorkTimes, it looks like the Trump family will have lots of chances to embarrass us further. Check that out  HERE.   And if you’re wondering why Putin always seems to be so well-prepared compared with Trump, it’s because he IS. Read about it HERE. 

From POLITICO: Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) dining at Chloe in Navy Yard on Thursday night. That crispy whole fish sounds pretty good to me!

MISCELLANY:  The Boston Globe is the latest big-city paper to announce it has more digital subscribers than print.  Several commenters have noted that under Trump we now have TWO swamps, the traditional one and Mar-A-Lago, where influence is bought and sold over expensive dinners.  A San Francisco restaurant which was founded in 1997 and is now closing, is being called “iconic”.  HOW can you be iconic in 20 years?  That doesn’t sound right.

LOCAL DEVELOPMENTS: It was news to me that the Cash & Carry or Smart & FInal Iris or Untied Grocers or whatever that place near the old Midway is calling itsef these days, now has GROCERY CARTS!!l   Real grocery carts, not just those big awful things they use to move pallets.  I may actually start shopping there again. 

ADVENTURES  IN DELIVERY:   DoorDash now provides delivery service from 30 or so restaurants in the Eureka area.  I’ve held off on trying them because I can’t figure out what they actually charge for delivery or whether they’re taking it out of the employees’ share.  When I figure it out, I’ll let you know,  or maybe YOU can let ME know. I’ve heard a couple of different stories.   One thing is clear:  Esme’s in Henderson Center (formerly Esmeralda’s) is delivering their own food from 6pm nighty and is very efficient.   No delivery charge, but it’s worth a fiver.  Their carnitas burrito lasted me for three meals.

Remember “Mexico will pay for the wall”?   Just checking.  

DORIS DAY:  who was more renowned in her later years an an animal-rights activist than as an actress,   died last week at 97 at her Carmel Valley home. A life well-lived, certainly. When I was going to Eureka High, my friends and I would crowd into the State Theater to see her in sappy comedies with Rock Hudson. Tony Randall was always in there,  too.  She was already in her ‘forties by then and was definitely still cute but it wasn’t until the other day when I watched  Love Me Or Leave Me (1955) with James Cagney that I really understood how absolutely GORGEOUS she was when she was  younger.  Incredible! 


Enjoy your long weekend!

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