Now it begins…the GOP smear machine is back in operation. The Daily Beast reports it HERE.

And everyone by now has heard about Nancy Pelosi’s NOT calling Mark Zuckerberg back.  I wouldn’t call him back either.  And how ’bout an all-American travelogue with a visit to Abilene, Abilene, Prettiest Town I’ve Ever Seen and  birthplace of the last President that everyone loved? Read about it HERE.

BTW,  we passed through 16 states on our last road trip and the people in Kansas were the nicest.  Just sayin’.

And did you see Our Fake President being skewered by George Stephanopoulos over his fumbling, uncomprehending remarks about  foreign interference.  Read a summary HERE.  or wait for the fuller version on ABC Sunday night.  Trump got in a low swipe at George’s stature when he felt threatened,  such a hero! And if you wondered how Trump celebrates his birthday,  the answer is  HERE

Amidst your Fathers’ Day celebrations, let’s not forget the fathers AND mothers in China who do not have the freedoms that we do.  Thirty years after Tiananmen Square, nothing has changed there.  TRULY sad!


Does it seem like we’ve been hearing about rails-to-trails forever? Sometimes there really IS  an end to the story.  Take a look at this survey from Budget Traveler. It’s right HERE.

And were you worried about  climate change?  Not  to worry, says Our Fake President.  It “goes both ways”. Read about it HERE. 

And if you  want to know how Nancy Pelosi REALLY feels, check out  her  remarks reported HERE.   And for a study of how Trump plays the media, and you, like a violin,  read CNN’s account HERE.

And here’s your travelogue for the day,  a visit to Ireland, HERE.

We mentioned the many fundraisers hosted by Democratic candidates at John’s Grill  on Ellis

Be aware that the rest of them seem to be held at Manny’s, a recent arrival on 16th Street in the Mission,  near the  venerable Taqueria.  The owner has been accused of being- horrors! -a Zionist.  They seem to be doing all right, and are NOT to be confused with the Manny’s in Chicago where David Axelrod hangs out. Check out the menu HERE.

I have to confess I’m stuck on Page 50 of The Mueller Report,  not because it’s boring–it’s not-  but I figure I’ll have all summer to finish it.  It ain’t gonna go away.  Barr, Trump and the rest of the villains will live in infamy forever but the good citizens who are joining Mueller book clubs and otherwise  doing their due diligence won’t be distracted.  Amazon delivered my copy of Seige  and I have to say, it’s  a much quicker read than the Report.  It has juicy gossip,   such as the fact that Trump tried to hire Alan Dershowitz to defend him, and invited him to the White House to make the offer.  Dershowitz was aware of Trump’s record of stiffing his attorney and told Trump he’d need $1M up front.  Trump never came up with the money.

FLIGHTS to Denver and LAX coming soon!

From Fly Humboldt:

Second Flight To LAX Starting May 29th

ACV to LAX Departures

May 29 to June 5:  7:00am and 8:00pm
June 6 – Forward: 10:30am and 8:00pm

LAX to ACV Departures

May 29 to June 5: 5:00pm and 7:30pm
June 6 – Forward: 8:00am and 5:30pm

*schedules subject to change.


Departs ACV: 6:27am   Arrives DEN: 10:10am
Departs DEN: 7:05pm  Arrives ACV: 9:09pm

So there you have it-  TWO more escape routes from Humboldt. Wish flying weren’t such  a horrible experience.  Unless I go back to Europe,  I hope never to be in a plane again. Bon Voyage to you air travelers! 


Can you run too many fact checks on our Fake President? The rundown from the AP is HERE.

And if you want to see today’s reason why Facebook should be put out of business, try THIS.

OR This, from POLITICO: TWEET OF THE DAY: Rep. Ted Lieu @tedlieu responding to Robert Mueller’s press conference: “Why did Robert Mueller decide to speak today after two years of silence? 1. Because @realDonaldTrump & his lapdog Bill Barr of @TheJusticeDept are lying about what’s actually in the Mueller Report. 2. He left it to Congress to take action. And we will. No one is above the law.”

WHAT about cutting off a problem at its source?? What a concept!! POLITICO has the story HERE.

HERE WE GO- the week in cartoons, right HERE.

ADVENTURES IN DELIVERY: Have you tried Door Dash yet?? This may be my path to achieving my ideal existence- living in a tower like Rapunzel and lowering a basket for food deliveries. I held off trying them because I couldn’t figure out their charges. Now, all is clear. You sign up online and before you make the final click they show you what you’re paying. They deliver from about 30 restaurants locally and I’m sure there will be more. Their website is a little hinky- I couldn’t adjust the delivery time even though I hadn’t pressed the “order” button yet, so be flexible. I ordered the brisket ‘Meat Box” from Humboldt Smokehouse and it arrived hot in less than 30 minutes, delivered by an amiable gentleman who indicated he was pretty happy with his job. The “Meat Box ‘ comes with two sides and the portions were definitely more scanty than if you order at the restaurant but the food is superb. I think Door Dash and I are going to have a beautiful friendship. What I paid: $17.96 for the meal, $1.53 tax, $2.69 “service fee”, “Dasher Tip” $4.00 total $26.18. More than I usually pay for a meal or is it?? By the time you factor in the gas, use of car etc it’s not that much more. Try them! Definitely good for the businsses.