From NOSH, here’s some news from Crescent City. I called Rumiano to confirm where their retail outlets are in Eureka are and was told no one that knew. The lady who answered the phone volunteered that she had only been to Eureka once,  briefly,  and that their marketing was being done by an outfit in Willows.  I called them, and no one called me back. The fact that Rumiano is surviving with such a lame marketing effort is a tribute to the excellence of their cheese,  I guess. That “Seoul Spice” sounds pretty good.  Read about it HERE.


  1. Hi Julie,

    Our apologies for the confusion and the frustration you experienced. Customer service is a priority for us and we are constantly trying to improve. You can count on us to do better next time. Several retailers in Eureka do carry our products. I have included a list of stores (within 10 miles of Eureka) below where you can find our cheese. We also have a store locator on our website:

    Thank you for sharing the NOSH story with your readers. Seoul Spice and Island Fire Dance will be available later this summer. In the meantime, we’d love to have you try our Sriracha Jack, the first variety in the Rumiano Redwood Coast lineup that we released earlier this year. We’ll reach out to you directly as well.

    Here are the stores closest to you:

    – North Coast Coop: 25 4Th St., Eureka
    – Eureka Natural Foods: 1450 Broadway St., Eureka
    – Safeway: 2555 Harris St., Eureka
    – Petrolia General Store: 3460 Broadway Eureka
    – Safeway: 600 F St., Arcata
    – North Coast Co-Op: 811 I St., Arcata
    – Murphy’s Market: 785 Bayside Rd., Arcata
    – Wildberries Marketplace: 747 13th St., Arcata

    Thank you,
    Rumiano Cheese Company

    • Finally some action! The address listed for the Petrolia General Store is the old Party City/Ray’s location FWIW. I wonder why Murphy’s only has it in Arcata. I always thought of Trinidad as their cadillac store. Anyway, looking fwd to that Seoul Spice!

  2. Rumiano has two cheese factories with the main one being in Willows. The Eureka and Arcata Co-Ops plus Wildberries and Eureka Natural Foods stock Rumiano Cheese. Grocery Outlet does as well, but usually it is their second label from Willows. Baird and Jobie Rumiano make great cheeses. Try Papato, a dry jack cheese infused with peppercorns.

    • Thanks! I wish someone would tell that to the people answering the phones in CC. I actually think I’ve seen it at Winco.

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