Remember that kerfluffle a few days ago involving Our Fake President’s irritation at Mick Mulvaney , who had the temerity to COUGH while Trump was speaking??? Here’s how Politico explained it. 

“I was told by multiple people when I came aboard to never cough or sneeze while in the presence of Trump. He thinks it’s a sign of weakness and lack of control. Nobody ever recovers.”

From POLITICO: “— SPOTTED: Polish president President Andrzej Duda dining at John’s Grill in San Francisco on Sunday — with an entourage of some 30 security officers in tow. Sources said the president dined on raw oysters and a porterhouse steak, downed with Anchor Steam beer. ” I find this fascinating.

Our Fake President is up to his old tricks again, creating crises and then :”solving” them . God, how I long for a NORMAL President.

All weekend we heard about Rep Jim Clyburn’s Fish Fry in Columbia SC, and I for one would have lived to be there. (They went thru 4400 lbs of fish.) Fish Fries are a big thing in Southern politics, not so much elsewhere, which I don’t understand. Richard Marks had a fish fry last October and I hope the custom catches on. After all, we have fish AND oysters. I went to a fish fry in Thomasville Georgia some years ago where they served us PERCH. It was okay. Everyone stood around munching joylessly, but I’m not sure if that was because it was so damn hot or because they didn’t like the fish. It being the South, no one would have complained.

I beg to report that Murphy’s in Cutten has started up the summer grilling again, or as they call it, BBQ. This year they’re intelligently keeping the grill going M-F until 8pm, bless their hearts. The cheeseburgers make three meals , for me, and it sure is better than cooking. They also have chicken and ribs, so give them a try.

THE STATS NERD STRIKES AGAIN: From the Tax Foundation, here is what the various States collect in tax per gallon on gas: The highest is NOT CALIFORNIA despite all the bitching. It’s Pennsylvania, at 58.7¢. We’re only second at 54.4¢, followed by Washington (State ) at 49.4¢, Hawaii at 46.4¢. and New York at 44.4¢ . The lowest? Alaska! only 14.4¢, where everything else is so expensive. Other cheap gas is in Missouri at 17.4¢, Alabama at 18.8¢, New Mexico at 18.9¢ and Arizona at 19¢. The whole chart in is in the AARP magazine , the newsprint one, not the glossy one, which is useless.

ADS I HATE: Despite my being a virtuoso of the “MUTE” and “FF” buttons, I am continually subjected to objectionable commercials. You too?? I particularly hate those Kraft commercials in which the bratty kids who won’t eat their nutritious meals are calmed down by creepy Enya music and good ole greasy mac’n’cheese. Would you feed your kid that for dinner? I can see lunch but DINNER? I also hate the SUV ad with the bad Bob Dylan music. I’m a huge Dylan fan but not of his twangy stuff. More of a Blonde on Blonde girl. I also hate the Trivago commercials and the guy in them, the one with the half-shaved beard that was fashionable thirty years ago.

ADS I LOVE: EVERYONE’S favorite- the Jack Russell waiting for his ride in the fancy condo. There was some discussion on the net that the dog is a Swiss something or other but I say it’s a JR, the only breed I would be afraid to own because I don’t believe in owning pets smarter than I am. I also love the ad about the turkey quitting smoking. I haven’t had much to do with turkeys in my life but I’ve always thought they were neat looking. (My brother, who worked his way thru Stanislaus State on a turkey farm, hates them to this day.) I would love to have a turkey marching around in my yard but I think someone would steal it.


2 thoughts on “SHORT RIBS AND RANDOM THOUGHTS, June 24, 2017

  1. Since you are a huge Bob Dylan fan, have you heard his latest albums? He has recorded three albums of Standards: “Shadows in he Night”, “Fallen Angels” and “Triplicate” (3 discs). It is a major shock upon first hearing them nearly to the point of ejecting the discs. But subsequent playing has softened the shock and his interpretations of these old standards is quite good. Worth giving them a listen on You Tube.

    • I sort of got turned off to him after Blood On The Tracks, but I’ll check it out. . I love You Tube for checking things out. Just checked out Old Town Road by Nas feat Billy Ray Cyrus(!) which is a beautiful song. I used to make fun of my stepmom for buying Rod Stewart’s standards but they’re not that bad!

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