There’s a deli owner in Clayton offering to treat folks who support “Send her back’. It’s a good thing the Chronicle included a map because otherwise I wouldn’t know where Clayton was. Read it HERE.

And since no one else is asking,  has anyone ever seen our rotund Attorney General, Bill Barr, in the same room at the same time as unfunny comic Rosanne Barr?  Just asking. They’re only a wig apart.   And if you’re wondering how he keeps his girlish figure,  he’s hanging out at a place that features Burgers, Beer and Bourbon.  The menu is HERE.

AND while I’m listening to the GOP hacks grill  Director Mueller , a WWII combat vet who is enduring insinuations and insults from twerps like Jim Jordan with aplomb, I find myself wondering, WHY would a young person ever go into government service when they could make ten times the money working for a private  law firm?  AND the other thing to worry about today is that Trump has become completely unhinged,  having developed a fantasy that the Second Amendment  conveys royal powers upon the President.  No one else since 1776 has discovered this.  Isn’t  he clever?  Read about it HERE.

Mitch McConnell is receiving 90% of his re-election donations from OUTSIDE Kentucky.  Hmmmmm…

I’ve started calling Our Fake President Despicable Don  in honor of his despicable  performance before a group of HIGH SCHOOLERS .  Anyone else would have treated them to a nice little patriotic speech, but Don only knows how to express his many grievances, including tearing into The Squad . AND Despicable Don hasn’t given up his lying ways, as witnessed HERE. 

SAVE THIS/CLIP THIS:  The six biggest takeaways from Mueller’s testimony as summarized by the WAPO.   Keep them handy and read them HERE.

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