AP — “Trump vows action after shootings, but gives few details,” by AP’s Zeke Miller, Lisa Mascaro and Jonathan Lemire: “President Donald Trump on Monday condemned weekend shootings in Texas and Ohio as barbaric crimes ‘against all humanity’ and called for bipartisan cooperation to respond to an epidemic of gun violence. He blamed mental illness and video games but made no mention of more limits on sales of firearms.

TRUMP ON AN ASSAULT WEAPONS BAN: “There is no political appetite for that at this moment.” But polls show that over 70% of the American public approve of background checks.

TRUMP ON VIOLENCE AND RHETORIC: “I don’t think my rhetoric [contributes] at all” — he said his rhetoric “brings people together.” Yeah, right.

As usual, he is in his own universe. The good people of El Paso did not appreciate his politicizing their agony. Read about it HERE.

AND here’s another account of how our No-Empathy President deals with his public by ignoring them. Read it HERE.

ADOPTING A DOG IN HUMBOLDT COUNTY- As I write this, my new dog is nestled at my feet but it has been a heartbreaking process. The Sequoia Humane Society had some cute dogs that were small enough, but a lot of them seemed to be psychologically damaged, like the Pomeranian who pissed all over as soon as he saw us. The County shelter in McKinleyville is a much less pleasant place but the staff is very conscientious. After trundling back and forth between the two for awhile we resorted to Craig’s List and answered an ad from someone who had THREE dogs they needed to place, a lab and two pit bulls. I called about the lab, which was already taken, but the lady said she had two pit bulls and I said I ‘d like to see the younger one. Long story short, Bella has been here for a week and I cant imagine being without her. She is BEAUTIFUL- a bluenose pit with a beautiful coat who knows, “sit’, “shake” etc and has learned how to navigate our dog doors already. But there are several dogs at the County shelter who really need homes. I had my eye on “Claude”, a senior dog who is too big for me, but deserves a nice home in his old age. PLEASE give Claude or some other animal a home! You’ll never regret it.

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