His first book,” Fire and Fury”, chronicled the first year of the Trump era, his second, the second year up thru the 2018 midterm. Good gossip. Enjoy!

The main source for  this book is one Steven K. Bannon.  Gahn,  Cobb, Sekulow ran into problems trying  to function as Trump’s attorneys early on.  They had to tell him what he wanted to hear. A dozen  first-rate law firms turned Trump down,  didn’t want to represent him.   Bannon’s legal fees amounted to $2M the first year.  Larry Summers’ wife hated Bannon so much she wouldn’t let him in the house, even for meetings.

Trump wanted to fire his lawyers (Dowd, Cobb) and started shopping for someone else.  He had dinner with Alan Dershowitz who offered to represent him for $1M up front.  Trump never got back to him.  Giuliani,  in the midst of a miserable third marriage, would do anything to get out of the house and offered to work for free. At one point Trump wanted to name Giuliani to the Supreme Court. Bannon described him as “demented and drinks too much’.

Michael Cohen was  literally a bagman, having been described by Sam Nunberg as  having bags of cash for dealing with women and other off-the-books problems. Melania’s parents are ensconced in a house in Maryland where Melania herself spends most of her time.  Trump is hostile to his son Barron because he needs to be the tallest person in the room and Barron is going to be taller.

It was Jared Kushner who put the idea into Trump’s head that he could get a Nobel Prize (just like Obama!) if peace were made with North Korea.   Trump likes one-on -one meetings, loathes meetings where he’s in a crowd.  Afraid of being ganged up on.

Bannon likes to take credit for Brexit. The only British Trump met alone with on his trip was the Queen,  the kids were left out. The Russians also interfered in the French elections on behalf  of Mme. LePen.  What happened in Helsinki?  Description of Trump returning from his mysterious  no-notes meeting with Putin “looking like a ghost”.

When Trump has guests for lunch at Bedminster, he serves hot dogs.  Not the good ones. ether- Nathan’s.  He carries Oscar Meyer lunchmeat around in his pockets.  MBS,  Jared’s best buddy who ordered the killing of Jamal Khashoggi,, is a coke addict who plays video games  for days on end. In the Fall of 2017 Trump told many people that Nicky Haley had given him a blow job.  No one believed him.

The disastrous mid-term elections of 2018, came and went without significant help from the White House. Sean Hannity told Bannon,    regarding Trump’s mood swings, tbat the President seemed “totally fucking crazy”. Over the 2017 Holidays,  he may or may not have stayed behind  while sending Melania off to Florida because he was  “banging” a young intern.  By February, even Lou Dobbs was referring to the President as “delusional.”

THE FOREGOING  IS NOT A SYNOPSIS.  It’s just a few snippets from the book, which you should certainly read. Available from Eureka Books and Amazon.

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