TWEET OF THE DAY from Brian Stelter, at CNN: “Texas Monthly announced five new hires, leading with its first-ever taco editor, José R. Rala. He’ll be focused on taco reviews, taco profiles, taco trends and taco traditions for the site and in print. A spokesperson tells me this is Texas Monthly’s tenth full-time new hire in the past six months…”   A taco editor!  Now, that’s civilization!  The TM, by the way, is a very esteemed publication.

AND this..

FOR THE RECORD BOOKS, via NYT’s Peter Baker: “No other president has had four national security advisers in his first three years in office.” NYT

And where does Bob Costa of Washington Week and everywhere else host his important lunches?  At this place, Le Diplomat.  Check them out HERE.

We are running behind and will have to make it up to you later. Enjoy the last of summer!

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