Cory Lewandowski nurtured himself after his contentious testimony Tuesday at the swank confines of Ocean Prime.  The smoked gouda tater tots for $12  sound interesting. Check out the menu HERE.

And that same  lunchtime, Rod Rosenstein  enjoyed the lunch at Del Frisco’s, check their menu out HERE.

“He thinks of himself as kind of a potentate, and if the auto companies don’t follow the whim of the potentate, they can be tortured by the forces of justice. So that’s an abuse of power in addition to being a bad idea.” The inimitable former Gov. Jerry Brown on Trump.

Are any of you struggling with a Google Assistant? I got a smartphone recently (reluctantly) and since I activated it I get messages on my COMPUTER from the Assistant. I don’t WANT an assistant! Life is too complicated already! I assume that if I ignore it for long enough, it will go away. But it’s really creepy and I don’t like it.

I was saddened to hear of the death of Sandor Vanocur, a renowned correspondent for the networks back in the day. My tenth-grade civics teacher, Mr Shelby Hager, was a friend of his, so therefore everyone in my class was two degrees removed from a famous correspondent. I don’t know what happened to Mr Hager but he was a great teacher. I remember he was from Texas.

OUR VILE PRESIDENT- Every time I think he can’t go any lower he surpasses himself. Now he’s caught pressuring the President of ANOTHER COUNTRY to dig up dirt on Joe Biden! We are being embarrassed before the whole world. And that poor whistle blower! Will Trump try to fire him/her two days before retirement like he did to Andrew McCabe? He is both vengeful and shameless.

AGAINST OWLS: With Hallowe’en coming up, I feel like venting about the only animal species that I object to. (Well, there may be a few others.) Owls are creepy scavengers who hide from the daylight. I have actually never seen one in the wild. I know they have some in Sequoia Park and also along the Old Arcata Road. Once I was walking with my sister along the shore in Bolinas when she spotted one. She could see it, I couldn’t. I knew a guy who thought owls were cute. He had a whole bookcase full of owl candles and statues. He died young. I’m just sayin’.

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  1. With regard to Jerry Brown, Miriam Pawel’s book “The Browns of California” comes out in softcover next month. It is a fascinating history of all of the Browns.

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