The AGONY OF THE TIMES-STANDARD:  It’s hard to watch a newspaper die,  especially  one you learned to read on.  My grandmother used to bring me breakfast in bed with the morning Times.   And for full disclosure, I have served on their advisory board.  Now,  I feel guilty if I call them up to complain about the carrier not throwing the paper close enough for me to retrieve it (driveway yes,  out in the street, no).   I will happily continue my subscription and urge you to do the same.  A town without a paper is a second-rate town, and no, LOCO is not the same.

OUR THUG PRESIDENT-  we knew he was a thug when we elected him (or some of you did). Now it appears that his BIG MOUTH is going to be his undoing.  NO, it is NOT okay to withhold the military aid approved for Ukraine (which is fighting off the Russians in their Eastern half) unless the Ukrainians help him find dirt on the Biden family.  NOT OKAY!  By the way,  HERE IS THE WHISTLE BLOWER’S COMPLAINT RIGHT HERE.  Can impeachment be avoided now?  Hope not!

WHAT ARE THEY EATING?, NEW YORK CITY EDITION :  With the great and the near–great gathered in NYC for the UN opening, here’s a place deemed worthy  by the new  NSA advisor  Robert O’Brien, Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell,  and Ambassador to the UN Kelly Craft where they had dinner together Monday night.  Check it out HERE.

I know RE prices are grotesquely high in the Bay Area but now they’re paying $3M for an EICHLER? Check this out HERE.

THE ECONOMY IN HUMBOLDT is going to be stressed in brand-new ways by the fact of 1000 fewer students at HSU this year than last. Do you realize the impact this has on the housing market? I sometimes rent out my extra bedroom/bath to students but no one is answering Craig’s List ads right now compared with the response I got a year ago. 1000 fewer people in Arcata eating, drinking, spending money!! Am I the only one who’s upset? Are they still going ahead with that awful project “The Village? “. Overbuliding maybe? Meanwhile, HERE is the August report from Dr Eschker’s hardworking crew up at HSU.

We will see you next week with helpful hints for Hallowe’en costumes. No more Trump masks!

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