MERRY CHRISTMAS! … SPOTTED: Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump having Christmas Day brunch at the Ritz in Paris.  Must be nice.  Couldn’t get the menu to download but it looks expensive.

OUR THUG PRESiDENT-  HOW LOW WILL HE GO?  Ivanka’s daddy apparently re-tweeted the name of the CIA employee who brought the original whistleblower complaint about Trump’s attempted extortion of Ukraine in order to get them to announce an investigation  of the Biden family. Trump,  who lives in a world of stoolies and rats, is a low vengeful creature who likes to get his way by threatening.  Thankfully,  the original whistleblower has been under Government protection for some time but  Trump is so dumb, or so vengeful, that he doesn’t KNOW that the whistleblower is completely irrelevant,  now that twelve  other witnesses have testified. This is likely to be the dirtiest campaign in history and, hopefully,  Trump’s last. 

SHORT SHORT RIBS TODAY-  Stay warm and dry and have a safe New Year’s Eve.

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