(From POLITICO) TRUMP to Secretary of State MIKE POMPEO, about berating and cursing at an NPR reporter: “That reporter couldn’t have done too good a job on you yesterday. I think you did a good job on her, actually.”    And the War on Media continues…..

(from POLITICO)   Over on Fox, Lou Dobbs ruthlessly attacked Bolton. He said he told Bolton months ago to “go to hell.” Dobbs referred to Bolton as a “turncoat.” And he called him a “petty snarling Lilliputian.” Mediaite has some of the video here… “Petty snarling  lilliputan?”   I wanted that title!

AND HERE’S THE BEST PART: Dersh and the GOP now claim that Trump can do ANYTHING HE WANTS and still not warrant impeachment. Go figure. Read the New Yorker’s account HERE.

The Senate portion of the hearings has been too dull to watch. The GOP trotted out their stable of second-rate lawyers. Is Pat Cippilone the most boring ever? And it turns out he’s a liar to boot. The Democrats had some losers, too, like that woman from Texas couldn’t even read her copy correctly. Not ready for prime time. (She cleaned up her act on Thursday.) At this point it’s pretty clear that the GOP will bring off an acquittal but it’s also clear that a LOT of people have watched. Which is not good for the GOP.

LOCAL RESTAURANTS CLOSING- Everyone in Eureka has been upset over the number of restaurants that have closed lately- the Vienna Bistro (Stuf’d Potato), Mazzotti’s Eureka, Roy’s, the Hana etc. WHY ARE NOT THE CHAMBER AND THE SBDC WORKING TOGETHER TO MATCH UP THE EMPTY VENUES WITH WILLING ENTREPRENEURS?? Is the City Council doing anything? We are rolling out the carpet for corporate robbers while LOCAL restaurants are dying on the vine! Does this seem right to you?

I HATE FOOTBALL but I’ll use it as an escape from politics, not by watching it but as background noise while gathering my tax files. Last year we watched the Puppy Bowl. Some folks do Fantasy Football. I do Fantasy Dinner Party. So far my requested guests would include Colin Kaepernick, Lil Nas X, Andrew Yang and John Bolton. Maybe Fiona Hill, too. You??

Enjoy your weekend. Today is February!

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