Well, this is a fine mess, Ollie.  Our Fake President has decided that it’s OK for him to harass and  terminate law-abiding Federal employees because they obeyed a LEGAL SUBPOENA. Eight and a half months of this BS ahead. 

Did you have a good Valentine’s Day? We went to the good old Ichiban in Eureka (can you remember what was in that building before it was the Ichiban?  I’m drawing a blank. ) They sat us at the very front table,  right in front of the reception desk, and their VERY loud and VERY shrill phone rang constantly with no one seeming to answer it.  It would ring four times,  then pause, then start ringing again.  Next time we’ll ask for a seat in back.  But the food was great, including a new kind of sushi I hadn’t had before, the Lemon Dragon.  I already want another. 

From FOX News:  CHRIS WALLACE asked SANDERS  on“FOX NEWS SUNDAY” about his socialist label: SANDERS: “In many respects we have a socialist society today, we have a huge budget, puts money into all areas. Now Donald Trump, before he was President, as a private business person, he received eight hundred million dollars in tax breaks and subsidies to build luxury housing in New York. Now, what does that mean, when government gives you eight hundred million dollars in tax breaks and subsidies?”

Democratic senator Brian Schatz tweeted: “The DOJ itself appears to have been corrupted by a President who rewards his friends and punishes his enemies. Media should treat this like a potentially explosive abuse of power even if this takes more than ten seconds to explain…” (Twitter)

Bloomberg on Trump-  “AND, PERHAPS, MOST NOTABLY, HE SLAGS TRUMP to no end. He tries to get under his skin, saying his wealth is phony. He calls him “Donald.” According to BLOOMBERG, “Donald Trump is the world’s biggest schoolyard bully, with no respect for civility, decency or the facts.” Trump’s insults “do not bother me,” Bloomberg said, and he talks about sending him back to Mar-a-Lago for good.

Spotted: Chief Justice John Roberts out for lunch with a large group at Tosca on Thursday. The venison looks good. The menu is HERE.

And regarding Barr- – EYE-OPENING QUOTE from Barr’s old boss at DOJ: “‘With Bill Barr, on an amazing number of occasions … you can be almost 100 percent certain that there’s something improper going on,’ said Donald Ayer, the former deputy attorney general in the George H.W. Bush administration.” POLITICO

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