Whose opinions on medicine are not widely followed. From POLITICO.

“WE CANNOT LET THE CURE BE WORSE THAN THE PROBLEM ITSELF,” Trump said in a tweet late Sunday. “AT THE END OF THE 15 DAY PERIOD, WE WILL MAKE A DECISION AS TO WHICH WAY WE WANT TO GO!” The president pushed the issue again in a marathon-length press conference at the White House on Monday.

Trump doesn’t  give a damn about YOUR safety or MY safety-  only the calls he gets from Republican  donors.  Balancing public health against  the economy is a false equivalent but it’s interesting how many Republicans are willing to sign up. Thank God we live in California!

While we’re at it,  how about the STATESMANLIKE behaviors of Govs. Cuomo and Newsom? Never been a fan of Gavin, but he’s winning me over.  And Andrew looks a lot more Presidential than that orangehaired nightmare in the Oval Office.  Everything is all about HIM!

4 thoughts on “CALLING DR TRUMP-

  1. Just thought to add, as should be helpful:

    – the correction is to actual _possible_ cases, which are going to be lower (we have reason to feel, far lower), due to the actions Newsom has taken and takes.

    – all cases are definitely not equal; it’s those fewer which are serious that we rightly fear, and should do everything to prevent.

    – Covid illness can occur at all ages and healths, not ‘just’ older or more underlying conditions, so nobody should feel they’re free of need to solidly contribute by following shelter-at-home, keep-your-minimum-6-foot-distance, no-gatherings, wash-hands-the-approved-happy-birthday-twice way, and so forth rules. All of them, all the time.

    – I have thought it’s the portion of the balance that is making people accurately and adequately scared so they’ll do the right things as is so critical, which drives the harshest public statements. This may have been the whole thing with what Newsom said, this one time. As there are some who from their own denial, don’t yet do…

    – Much smarter, not to deny…!

    – Examples of too low reaction, and denial, are out there for any person to see, and then think

    See, I’m doing it too 🙂 In good cause…

    • We’ve been blessed up here to be free of much of the craziness, hoarding etc. Safeway and Target announced today they’re no longer “metering” people coming into the store. Chris has ordered some masks for wear outside, they’ll be here tomorrow. I think the masks are good if just to remind people of what we’re dealing with.

  2. I am liking Newsom’s actions also, best gov so far seen.

    It’s a balance in what to say, or in our thoughts of our own.
    This editorial is far too strong for a simple mistake, worth though understanding what it is.
    It would have been far better just to explain what he meant — then there would be public understanding.
    (my father was besides else, begun as a very skilled journalist…)
    Cheers, Julie

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