He’s getting desperate-and nasty.   (From POLITICO)  Trump attacked The Wall Street Journal for a story, claiming the Rupert Murdoch-owned newspaper writes “fake news.” And after Jon Karl asked him whether everyone who needs a ventilator will get one, he told the ABC News correspondent not to be a “cutie pie.”    That’s your  President. . 

SCHWARZENEGGER’S LATEST MOVE: Former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger donated $1 million to a GoFundMe account for first responders, founded with actor Edward Norton, that has quickly racked up another $2 million in contributions.

Susan Glasser’s latest for The New Yorker: “The disconnect between Trumpian reality and actual reality has never been on starker display than in the past few days, as the true face of the horror we are facing in the United States has shown itself…”

Trump’s appearances at the WH briefings, Glasser says, “have shown an irresolute leader who does not want to fight the war or even, on many days, admit that it exists. He is a cartoon caricature of a wartime President, not a real one…”

Via Mediaite’s Ken Meyer: “President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign is threatening to file lawsuits against local news outlets in several battleground states if they continue to air a political ad showing his attempts to downplay the coronavirus.”

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough played the 30-second ad three times on “Morning Joe” Thursday, quipping “it sounds like all that ad’s doing is actually quoting him… Could you guys play that again?” After the second listen, Mika Brzezinski suggested, “If anything they’re missing a few [quotes].” Scarborough concluded, “The one thing I saw that was inaccurate was that they actually undersold… how many people are dying… A lot more people have died” since the ad was produced…

That’s all, Folks. Stay inside.

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