President Trump went from asserting “total authority” over the nation’s governors to a message of “it’s on you” in 48 hours this week. And his ‘press briefings” are just as unhinged as ever. From POLITICO, Ryan Lizza tells the tale HERE.

AND HOW MUCH IS YOUR LIFE WORTH? Our Fake President and his GOP enablers have made it clear . The decision to lift the coronavirus restrictions will be based not on science but on politics. The execrable Dan Patrick and other Trumpites are ready to throw you and me and everyone we know under the virus bus rather than listen to the scientists. Couldn’t this be construed as treason? Didn’t OFP take an oath to “protect and defend” the people of America? Yeah, I thought so.

HIS “BRIEFINGS” CONTAIN NO NEW INFORMATION yet they drone on day after day. He attacks the Governors and anyone else who he thinks hasn’t praised him enough since the last news cycle. In a way, these “briefings” are beneficial because there may be a few Americans who are still unaware that our President is an ignorant and childish bully. For me, the only value is the followup commentary by the pundits, yes, even Fox! He may think he’s clever to use the taxpayer-funded “briefings” to promote his re-election but he’s “too clever by far” as they used to say in the old spy movies. Every “briefing” is just another chance to folks to get SICK OF HIM and the main reason Trump is going to lose in November is that EVERYONE iS SICK OF HIM. That’s the most astute political analysis I can offer you today.

4 thoughts on “SHORT RIBS AND RANDOM THOUGHTS , April 19 2020

    • Thanks! I was just contemplating whether to subscribe to the Times @ $135 a year. Guess I’d better, what with the election and all.

  1. But it does make for “must see TV” in a perverse way. Haven’t been so engrossed since the days of the Watergate hearings in spring 1973.

    • I can’t get engrossed by watching Trump spin his lies every day but with the volume off it’s acceptable. This doesn’t compare to Watergate. Much more interesting cast of characters in W’gate.

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