1. You must realize that Trump was NOT under playing covid-19 ever He was simply following what he was being told by the so called experts and at the same time trying to not let Americans panic. As always CNN,, msnbc, etc…are against Trump asking questions to get him in a gotcha situation and too With this info an so much more in your sick ways Trump is dammed if He does and dammed if doesn’t
    Give the man a break, you know he has done a great job. You all are the most unhappy, power and money hungry people.and always at the President’s and the American’s expense. I ask you to put yourself in Trump’s shoes with all that is against him, for no good reason I might add and try to think how you would do the president’s incredibly difficult job. Just Stop and leave him alone and let him do his job!!!

    • A GREAT JOB???? You’re living on a different planet than I am. He’s an ignoramus, a crook and has blood on his hands for Corona. There’s a lot of video documenting his underplaying of the crisis. This is the wrong blog for a Trump supporter.

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