The town seems to be opening up again in and I feel guilty for not having been more inconvenienced. I just don’t go out any more! And I’m wondering why I don’t miss it. .

I used to go to meetings, but a year or two ago I developed an allergy to meetings. I used to shop for groceries but then I discovered Eureka Grocery Delivery. Between them and Cloney’s I could hole up here for weeks. The vet makes house calls. Thank God I don’t have kids.

We’ve all figured out that takeout is more fun than schlepping to a restaurant. I said before that 30% of the people who are working from home will find a way tt continue that;

From what I’ve seen of Zoom, I’m not really drawn to it. The dog is not getting walked enough since we lost the housekeeper. Amazon is dropping packages off more and more frequently. I haven’t seen the new configuration at the bottom of the Harris Street hill; it sounds dreadful. Other than that, it sounds like everything is normal except that everything is NOT normal and never will be again.

How about you guys? How about the Covid? Are you ready for a challenging time this Summer and Fall? The worse is obviously still to come.

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