SHORT RIBS and Random Thoughts, July 12, 2020; Who Will Joe Pick? Help from Taiwan; Jerk Chicken!

What with the lockdowns, we haven’t been providing you our usual roundup of who’s eating where, but relief is in sight. You might want to know that Michael Cohen, who is under house arrest, dined at “the snobbiest restaurant in New York” recently. The menu is HERE

AND here’s the aftermath. Mike’s back in jail! Read about it HERE.

Of course the big news- not really news- is that our Criminal -In-Chief is demonstrating to the world that we are in fact a banana republic or whatever the next lowest category is. The WAPO has the story HERE. On CNN, Jeffrey Toobin commented, “This is the most corrupt and cronyistic act in perhaps all of recent history. Nixon at the height of Watergate never pardoned or commuted the sentences of any of the people involved in Watergate. He thought he could never get away with it.” The CNN team has more here

WHO SHOULD JOE PICK?? Tammy Duckworth sure has been getting a lot of attention, especially since Tucker Carlson had the poor judgment to attack her. A Vet and double-amputee!. I like it. But what about Stacy Abrams? The Dems, as usual, have too many good candidates. My mind is numb thinking about all of them. Who would you vote for?

Dr. Anthony Fauci to the FT: “I have a reputation, as you probably have figured out, of speaking the truth at all times and not sugar-coating things. And that may be one of the reasons why I haven’t been on television very much lately.” (FT)

Meanwhile the Taiwanese are shipping 92,000 Covid masks to South Carolina to rescue our citizens from the negligence of our government. Shameful!

Have you checked out the JERK CHICKEN place that moved into the Rita’s at 427 W Harris? GLORIOUS! Can’t wait to go back and try the curry goat! This is really legit food, Go there.

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