From CNN: CNN’S MANU RAJU (@mkraju): “Trump’s ‘very fast’ round of golf yesterday lasted about four hours, amounting to his 276th visit to one of his golf clubs during his presidency”

FWIW: Trump has played a lot more golf than Obama.

And we passed a milestone! The WAPO’S count of false or misleading statements by Our Fake President has exceeded 20,000. Read about it HERE.

And while we’re at it: SPOTTED: Stephen Miller getting carryout from Centrolina on Sunday night. His choices are HERE.

As the coronavirus crisis spins out of control, Trump issues directives — but still no clear plan. Read it HERE

THIS IS PRICELESS: Nancy Pelosi just described Trump as being like a man who won’t ask for directions while he’s driving.

IN & OUT: No, I have not waited in line and don’t intend to. I had ONE I&O in my life and it was definitely good, but not worth waiting in line for. Now, if it were a Chic-Fi-A, I’d be lining up with an ice chest, which is how I’ve gotten my supplies from Santa Rosa so far. I ran across a recipe purporting to be a “copycat” of the CFA. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

SAD WEEKEND- Teach your kids who John Lewis was and why HIS life mattered. And take them out to see the comet.

I&O FOLLOWUP- WE WENT or at least my doughty SO went leaving the house at 6:15 and returning at 7:20 and it was a LOT better than I remembered. We both got the double double which I had thought would be too much food but I finished every bite. The lettuce, tomato etc were extremely fresh and the fries se were pretty good too, though not as good as the burger. The chocolate shake was made with good ice cream but had almost NO chocolate flavor but I would definitely order the burger again. The double-double was $4.20 which is fair.

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