AND SO IT GOES: a periodic update

(From POLITICO) : SEN. BEN SASSE (R-Neb.): “The pen-and-phone theory of executive lawmaking is unconstitutional slop. President Obama did not have the power to unilaterally rewrite immigration law with DACA, and President Trump does not have the power to unilaterally rewrite the payroll tax law.”

And here’s Ashley Parker’s take on Trump’s fading credibliity, right HERE.

And what do you think Our Fake President wants as a memorial,? The WAPO has it right HERE. And how is Kentucky doing ?? Not too well. Read about it HERE.

And for those of you who are still thinking of voting for Trump (there shouldn’t be many of you) a great piece by George Conway is HERE.


GET OFF FACEBOOK! GET OFF FACEBOOK! And don’t buy anything from their advertisers either. There is NOTHING you need from Facebook that can’t be accomplished by email.

THE AXIOS INTERVIEW with Trump is right HERE. You know you want it!

And here’s how Trump behaves to his most loyal supporters. It’s not pretty. Read it HERE.

Our well-educated President: YOWZA … @maggieNYT: “Potus pronounces Yosemite as ‘yo-Semites’ at White House event.” Video of the flubWSJ on the National Parks overhaul

And it turns out Tucker Carlson is a slow learner. Check it out HERE.

And the WAPO reviewed the Trump campaign and found it wanting. Read it HERE. And also from the WAPO, a followup to the VINDMAN story right HERE. And the GOP thinking about the Trump campaign is right HERE. And here is 45 on the value of social distancing.

And here’s how Trump honored civlil rights icon John Lewis: Asked by interviewer Johnathan Swan how history would remember Lewis, Trump said, “I don’t know John Lewis. He chose not to come to my inauguration.”

The good news is that there’s ONLY 85 more days to the next election. The worst, most ignorant, belligerent, most venal President in our history is about to become toast. Can’t wait.


WSJ ED BOARD SLAPS TRUMP AROUND, AGAIN: “Trump’s Spite-Germany Plan”: “Beneath the din of media condemnation, it can be hard to sort the good from the bad in President Trump’s unorthodox foreign policy. Some initiatives scorned by foreign-policy elites have been wise, like pulling out of failing arms accords. Yet the Pentagon’s plan to withdraw almost 12,000 U.S. troops from Germany is far from a stroke of populist genius. It’s a blow to U.S. interests that won’t fulfill the cost-saving objective Mr. Trump claims to be concerned with.” When you’re in trouble with the Journal, you’re n big trouble..

FINAL WORDS — JOHN LEWIS WROTE AN OP-ED for the NYT “to be published upon the day of his funeral”: “When historians pick up their pens to write the story of the 21st century, let them say that it was your generation who laid down the heavy burdens of hate at last and that peace finally triumphed over violence, aggression and war. So I say to you, walk with the wind, brothers and sisters, and let the spirit of peace and the power of everlasting love be your guide.”

From CNN: Oakland, I was there — they’ve got several hundred anarchists that love to break windows, light fires and protest. But local people can handle it. When the federal government uses the army or uses some other militia equivalent, it really does conjure up some kind of Eastern European dictatorship from another era.” Former Gov. Jerry Brown on Trump deploying federal forces in an interview with Christiane Amanpour.

POSTED ON FACEBOOK by an unknown contributor: “The “billionaire” who hides his tax returns. The “genius” who hides his college grades. The “businessman” who bankrupted 3 casinos and lost over $1B in 10 yrs. The “playboy” who pays for sex. The “Christian” who doesn’t go to church. The “philanthropist” who defrauds charity. The “patriot” who dodged the draft five times. The “innocent man” who refuses to testify. The “President” who takes no responsibility. The “tough, strong” man who wears makeup and hairspray. The “deal maker” who has yet to close a deal. And filed Bankruptcy 6 times on his business.”

And here’s some food news to follow up: the renowned French Laundry of Yountville was named one of the world’s 50 best restaurants. Check out their menu HERE. Note that their menu changes daily and offers limited choices. I guess they figure it’s all good. This menu does not make me want to eat there. Even though it was rated the ONLY US restaurant of the 50.

Not much else going on. Our Fake President has put a fundraiser flunky in charge of the Postal Service and slashed their budget three months before the election. Be sure to get your ballots in the mail or to the Elections Office EARLY. (2426 6th St or they’s supposed to have drop boxes by then. ) Me, I’m just mailing mine in as usual. I’ve been voting by mail for so long I wouldn’t know to act if I actually had to go IN there. Besides hijacking the election, apparently out of a belief that he can’t possibly win honestly, here we go again- he’s asking for help from a foreign power. Read about it HERE.

Speaking of food, we have become devotees of both the Jerk Kitchen and the I&O. I’d pick either over the French Laundry, based on that menu.

Enjoy your Sunday.! 92 days until the election!