HAPPY BIRTHDAY EDITION! MY birthday, so you’re not getting the usual carefully curated stuff. Have a great day! We’re planning on takeout from the Ichiban. And finishing last night’s takeout from the Jerk Kitchen.

Catching up with the news, you DID hear that the Muelller report was right after all, didn’t you? Read it HERE

TWEET OF THE DAY: Rep. Jackie Speier @RepSpeier on POTUS pardoning Susan B. Anthony: “Pathetic. Trump pardons a woman who has been dead for over 100 years to show his commitment to women. Suburban women aren’t dumb. We are all insulted.”

AND EVEN THE RICH HAVE PROBLEMS; STEVEN MNUCHIN NEEDS A DEAL … NOT ONLY ON COVID RELIEF, BUT ON HIS CO-OP! … N.Y. POST: “Steven Mnuchin’s 740 Park co-op returns with massive discount”: “Even US Treasury [Secretary] Steve Mnuchin is feeling the burn of falling real estate prices. He has just relisted his apartment at 740 Park Ave. — and slashed the asking price more than 20 percent from when the co-op first went on the market in 2018. Mnuchin’s sprawling duplex on the eighth and ninth floors hit the market for $32.5 million two years ago; it was last listed for $27.5 million in 2019. It now has a price tag of $25.75 million.” The listing

Have a great day! 71 days to the election!

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