AND SO IT GOES- Sept 3, 2020

Stuff I didn’t want to save until Sunday.

IF you needed more evidence of Our Fake President’s churlish nature, look no further. He wants to go it alone on the pandemic, despite his lack of success. Does he really give a damn about you? Read it HERE.

And from CNN:

First, let’s look at President Trump‘s claim that “people that you’ve never heard of” are controlling Joe Biden from the “dark shadows.” He talked about a plane “almost completely loaded with thugs wearing these dark uniforms, black uniforms with gear and this and that.”

It’s almost too stupid to fact-check,” CNN’s Daniel Dale commented.

When asked to back up the claim on Tuesday, Trump predictably doubled down while contradicting his original story — “changing the direction the plane was flying, compared to what he claimed the day before,” ABC noted.

They’re getting desperate Dept: From the WAPO: Read it HERE:


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