Yet more new lows:

Donie O’Sullivan writes: “It’s hard to imagine American political discourse could get any more coarse…. But today the President retweeted a post that baselessly accused Joe Biden of being a pedophile, as Maegan Vazquez reported here. A Twitter rep told me the tweet ‘is currently not in violation of the Twitter rules.’ The spokesperson did not explain why. And… on the flipside, for some time today a hashtag suggesting Trump is a pedophile was the No. 2 trend in the US on Twitter…Will we still be in the toilet in November?

If you mistakenly think that young people are well-informed, try THIS

Or THIS: Oliver Darcy writes: “Speaking at a news conference Wednesday, Biden said that ‘we cannot allow politics to interfere’ with science. Hours later, while speaking at his own press conference, Trump played right into his hand, repeatedly undermining his own CDC director. Trump claimed that Dr. Robert Redfield was wrong on the vaccine timeline and claimed Redfield was wrong to say masks could be more effective at slowing the spread of a virus than a vaccine. I thought this question from one reporter summed up how a lot of people feel: ‘How can the American people trust you on the pandemic when you’re contradicting the head of the CDC?'”

“‘We’re going to be doing a health care plan very strongly, and protect people with pre-existing conditions,’ Mr. Trump told her, adding, ‘I have it all ready, and it’s a much better plan for you, and it’s a much better plan.’ After four years, during the worst health crisis in a century, the unkept promise may be catching up to Mr. Trump. There still does not seem to be any plan, because other than abolishing the Affordable Care Act — which requires insurers to cover pre-existing conditions and which the White House is asking the Supreme Court to overturn — the Republican Party cannot agree on one.” NYT

At Friday’s press conference, Jon Karl asked Trump about why he so often is questioning the people in his own government. “You criticized Christopher Wray … You obviously said that the CDC director was flat wrong on a couple of things this week. How is it that you don’t trust your own experts? Do you think you know better than they do?” Trump replied that in “many cases” he does.

Yes, he’s a lunatic.

In local news, the Surfside Burger Shack is for sale, for a relative pittance, and I wish the best to any brave soul who takes on a burger joint in these times. I only tried them once, I thought they were okay, but now that we have become In & Out fanatics, I’ll probably never be back. The bad parking doesn’t help.

AND SO IT GOES Sept 15 2020

CNN’S JAKE TAPPER after PETER NAVARRO repeatedly declined to answer his questions, and insulted CNN: “I would just like to remind the American people watching that the United States has less than 5% of the world’s population, and the united States has more than 20% of the world’s coronavirus deaths. That is a fact. It does not matter how many times he insults CNN.”

From CNN Reliable Sources: During the 9pm hour on Fox News Sunday night, host Steve Hilton brought up the indoor event, without noting all of the angst about Trump defying Covid safety precautions. Guest Lisa Marie Boothe praised Trump: “He’s also out there with vigor and energy, ready to tackle another four years, and you’ve got another guy who can’t even leave the basement.” She sounded just like Trump, who tweeted on Saturday, “While I travel the Country, Joe sleeps in his basement.” The only problem? Biden traveled to multiple states last week. And on Sunday he went to church. The “basement” line is becoming more and more of a lie…

I know you were worried about them but you needn’t be. Steve Mnuchin dined at Cale Milano on Sunday. Menu HERE.

Here’s the WAPO’s update on Steve Bannon right HERE.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Ka-MA-la, Ka-MA-la. She’s another beauty. She’s rated the No. 1 most liberal, and I would say if [Joe Biden] ever won, she would be president within the first month. Using him is just an excuse to get the super libs in there, so they could destroy our suburbs, demolish our Second Amendment, erase your borders and indoctrinate your children with poisonous anti-American lies in school.” — Trump at a Minden, Nev. rally on Saturday.

Daniel Dale said this is a possible new record: “Trump made four false claims in one sentence…” (CNN)

NEWSOM MEETING THE MOMENT: If some progressives wanted a Gavin vs. Donald smackdown, they didn’t get it. Newsom made his case — respectfully. “We can agree to disagree on the politics,” Newsom told Trump, “but one thing is fundamental: 57 percent of the land in this state is federal and 3 percent is state forests.” Read the full transcript of the meeting.

I‘m still ashamed I didn’t vote for him.