AND SO IT GOES- election frenzy edition- the Mandarin-Bill Withers

Bill Gates just turned 65.

And remember The MANDARIN? In Ghiradelii Square? That was my generations’ idea of a classy date, and no wonder . Cecilia Chang died recently . Read about it HERE.

From Brian Stelter: ” If Joe Biden prevails next week, it will be — among a hundred other things — a repudiation of this real-is-fake, down-is-up dynamic.”

The Transamerica Pyramid just sold for $615B. I say they overpaid .

Despite my being a media mogul who reads everything that washes into view, I had somehow missed the news that BILL WITHERS had died in March at the age of 82. On my first day of grad school I met a fellow student in the SF State TVC who was making a video using “Grandma’s Hands” . That was my intro to Bill Withers, who went on to make “Just The Two Of Us”, “Lean on Me”. ‘Ain’t No Sunshine” and so many others. Recently I saw an ad for some insurance company (the one where the woman is rolling down the steps in a carpet) and I had to look it up because the voice was so familiar . Sure enough , it was BW and that song was released years ago. Rolling Stone had a piece about him a couple of years ago portraying him as a happy retiree in Beverly Hills enjoying his favorite restaurant every day at lunch. I’m so happy he lived a good long life.

HAPPY HALLOWE’EN everyone!!!!

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