AFTER THE STORM – Trump on the way out

From POLITICO: SO WHAT WILL MCCONNELL DO with TRUMP and his unsubstantiated claims that the election has been stolen from him? MCCONNELL and the Senate GOP will give TRUMP room to make his case, but don’t expect that will last long. MCCONNELL is loyal to TRUMP, but he’s a realist.

FROM THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: “Mr. Trump hasn’t conceded and claims to have won the election if only legal votes are counted. But he’ll have to overturn Mr. Biden’s leads in some combination of Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona and Nevada, and that’s a very long shot. The deadlines for vote counting and official validation are fixed in law and inexorable. Mr. Trump isn’t obliged to concede or congratulate his opponent if he loses, though it would be better for the country and his own legacy if he did.”

And here’s the WAPO: Read it HERE.

And Darrel Issa was returned to Congress. Wh the hell voted for him?

BEVMO and its 166 stores was just sold for $350M.

SO NOW THE QUESTION IS; HOW MUCH DAMAGE WILL TRUMP DO IN THE NEXT 72 DAYS and how much of a jackass will he be in front of the whole world?

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