AFTER TRUMP- a series

From CNN: “The president is nowhere to be found.”

That was the blunt assessment of CNN’s Jeremy Diamond on Wednesday evening. And it’s true. He’s not even playing the role of president right now. He has no public events scheduled for Thursday. As Kaitlan Collins reported later in the evening, “we’re actually told by sources he’s much more consumed by the state of this election and contesting the results than he is with the pandemic surging across the country.”

Also from CNN:  — Chris Hayes tweeted: “Trump’s entire life has been using lawyers and the courts to drag things out. He’s done it with creditors and counterparties and contractors. He even did it successfully with Mueller, and with his tax returns. Now he’s trying to do it to American democracy…” (Twitter)

AND from the WAPO; they’re comin’ thick and fast: The travails of Rudy: Read it HERE.

AND TWEET OF THE DAY — @CarlyFiorina: “Inadequate men in big jobs are always dangerous. President Trump has cemented his legacy as an inadequate man who lacks the mental faculties and strength of character necessary for the job. How many others will prove, by saying and doing nothing, that they too are inadequate?”

Wow, I like that!

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