TRUMPWATCH Nov 12 2020

From POLITICO: SPOTTED: Treasury Secretary STEVEN MNUCHIN and Sen. MARK WARNER (D-Va.) dining at Xiquet in Glover Park on Wednesday night. The menu is HERE.

And also from POLITICO: THERE IS NO STRATEGY! … WAPO’S ASHLEY PARKER and PHIL RUCKER: “Trump insists he’ll win, but aides say he has no real plan to overturn results and talks of 2024 run”: “[T]he president has no clear endgame to actually win the election — and, in an indication he may be starting to come to terms with his loss, he is talking privately about running again in 2024. … Trump has been spending his days largely on the phone, calling advisers, allies and friends. The president has been ‘trying to find people who will give him good news,’ one adviser said.”

And as for Trump’s post-election plans, check THIS out. I can hardly wait.

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