DoorDash blew up its value by many times, in its initial IPO. It’s called a realistic business model. Read about it HERE.

PS: Air B&B also had a boffo IPO.

Doug Emhoff, spouse of Kamala Harris , will be teaching at Georgetown Law next semester.

The New Yorker ran a scary piece on DiFi that’s garnering a LOT of attention. Read it HERE.

FROM NEWSMAX! http://Brian Stelter writes: “Here’s what I heard on Newsmax Friday night. I heard that ‘we’re going to figure out some ways forward,’ per Kelly. I heard there are other court cases bubbling up. I heard speculation that the Supreme Court justices feared unrest and didn’t want protests outside their homes. I heard ‘White House correspondent’ Emerald Robinson cite ‘cancel culture’ as a factor. And when Alan Dershowitz tried to very gently tell Kelly that it’s over, Kelly said he’d go get a second opinion. I heard all of that in just a few minutes. I like to rag on tonight’s newsletter editor, Alex Koppelman, but I agree with what he tweeted just now: ‘A whole lot of people who got taken in by liars are going to be in a bunch of pain and trying to figure out how this still turns out the way they’ve been promised it will and none of this ends up well for any of us.'”

IS IT OVER YET? I am thoroughly disgusted by the 50% of our population who voted for Trump and am in no mood to forgive them for their ignorance and their cavalier attitude toward democracy.. Make peace? I don’t think so.

Charley Pride -I’ve never been a country music fan (except for Ronnie Millsap) but forty years ago when I was driving through somme VERY untouristy places in Ireland, like Meath) I kept seeing Charliey Pride posters on trees. I wasn’t able to see him then (playing in a pub, had to settle for Sharon Shannon) but I was impressed by his penetration. A life well-lived.

Have a great Sunday!

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