I seem to be suffering from post-Trump syndrome. IT SEEMS like he’s done and dusted but what if he returns from the grave? Don’t let your guard down yet.

Disney is planning to lay off 30,000 employees by end of March.

DAILY RUDY … NYT’S MAGGIE HABERMAN and MIKE SCHMIDT: “Giuliani is said to have discussed a possible pardon with Trump”: “Rudolph W. Giuliani, President Trump’s lawyer who has led the most extensive efforts to damage his client’s political rivals and undermine the election results, discussed with the president as recently as last week the possibility of receiving a pre-emptive pardon before Mr. Trump leaves office, according to two people told of the discussion. It was not clear who raised the topic. The men have also talked previously about a pardon for Mr. Giuliani, according to the people. Mr. Trump has not indicated what he will do, one of the people said.” Giuliani denied the NYT report on Twitter.

Try this link. It’s ugly but it works You knew, of course, that Donnie’s I WON fantasies are more important than the national defense,

OR (could it be????) the Fat Man’s last stand? Read it HERE.

The Fairmont is undergoing a multi -million dollar refi. SOME people are still able to borrow money! Read about it HERE.

Susan Glasser’s newest Letter from Trump’s Washington is a “tell it like it is” column: “The President Is Acting Crazy, so Why Are We Shrugging It Off?” (New Yorker)

2 thoughts on “SHORT RIBS AND RANDOM THOUGHTS, Dec 6 2020

  1. Trump won by a landslide. The election fraud is unprecedented. Your filthy lying mocking bird media does not fool everyone. Won’t you snowflakes meltdown when Trump reclaims his stolen victory. Many Americans want freedom and prosperity instead of becoming Slaves of China under Biden the CCP controlled senile criminal.

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