(From CNN):

Federal authorities have arrested a California man named Robert Lemke and charged him with making politically motivated threats against a congressman and a journalist on the same day of the insurrection. Representative Hakeem Jeffries of New York confirmed that he was the unnamed politician cited in the complaint.

The journalist was also unnamed, but according to the NYT, it was ABC’s chief anchor George Stephanopoulos. The complaint said Lemke texted a relative of the journalist and said “[your] words are putting you and your family at risk. We are nearby armed and ready.”

ABC declined to comment. Threats against politicians and journalists are far too common, and most never yield an arrest. This case shines a light on the day-in day-out harassment…

AND THEN THERE”S THIS from the Hollywood Reporter:

AND THEN THIS from CNN: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, back in the news for her delusional views and social media stunts, held a town hall meeting in her district Wednesday night… But members of the media were told they could not ask questions…

And this about your favorite Foxite:

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