SHOULD CUOMO STAY? He is deeply unpopular among his constituents and has been blamed for fostering a “toxic workplace” in Albany. Of course, having to spend your career in Albany is a punishment worse than a high-school production of Julius Caesar. Or better, a COVID production. How about Biden as Caesar, Ted Cruz as Cassius —–oh, you get the idea.

YES, WE TRIED THE McDONALD’S CHICKEN SANDWICH AND IT WAS GOOD! There’s a regular chicken san and a DELUXE with a lot of fluffy stuff, kind of like the Animal Style I&O burger. The sandwich is GOOD! I haven’t been a McDonald’s customer lately (I like them better on road trips) but this is a winner. There’s also a spicy version which I didn’t try. We shall return!

AND WHO TALKED MELANIA INTO WEARING THAT AWFUL DRESS? Or was it a coat? Is she expressing her displeasure at the old man wanting to sell Mar-A-Lago?

AND is everyone sick of Harry and Meghan yet? I sure am.

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