HAVE YOU TRIED DOORDASH? Or am I the last person on the planet to try it ? Actually it took me three weeks to sign up for it – many false starts- then suddenly a link appears in my inbox and I was all set. It’s horribly expensive- delivery charges are about $11- but my strategy from here on out will be to order as much as possible so I can get a two or three meals for the delivery price. Their computer system is flawless once you get the hang of it.

I am in the final stages of refi’ing my house, which I was putting off, and I have to say it couldn’t have gone more smoothly. I worked with Matthew Owen of Tri-County, where I had the original mortgage. Totally satisfied.

ANOTHER RESCUE BY CORNERSTONE- I was without a computer for several days ALL MY FAULT- and wonderful Derek and Cory fixed it. They are the best!

I can’t get used to the idea that the COVID is gone EXCEPT IT’S NOT. I’ll be wearing a mask for some time.

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