SHORT RIBS and RANDOM THOUGHTS- Why I voted not to recall Gavin.

(GAVIN) OK, he’s not perfect. The lunch at the French Laundry was dumb. I remember when I used to curse him for being entitled, for being careless. But it turns out that if you have the stomach to read through all the candidate statements, there ain’t nothin’ there. Of all the misfits, wannabes, and pathetic losers in the bunch I’d rather stand pat with Gavin that risk having an idiot like Larry Elder for our Governor. It’s not rocket science . And don’t forget to vote. A lot of folks are ignoring this election , which ain’t good.

AMAZON Blues- I’m cutting this really short, but I was hacked recently by some lowlifes who claimed to be from Amazon customer service. I almost fell for it but then they wanted me to do silly things things like buy Amazon gift cards to pay off my supposed debt. Luckily, Amazon Customer service is quick and effective. Consult them fast if you have any problems.

2 thoughts on “SHORT RIBS and RANDOM THOUGHTS- Why I voted not to recall Gavin.

  1. Great to see you back at this — and can see the hack is in recovery.

    I voted for Gavin as well — he’s done a considerably good job, perhaps also at being human. One can just look at the tatters of other states to understand the difference.

    One day people will wake up, I think, and realize what it does, any time they let the internet drive them into a frenzy. I have a feeling

    i have some sense it’s those solid persons we grew up with in Humboldt, who will be the ones of stalwart character to remember themselves, and bring this kind of thing down. Perhaps in a nearby tomorrow??

    🙂 Julie

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