Happy Fathers’ Day, everyone. Hope your kids aren’t being put into tents in 100-degree heat.

-“Pruitt!  Pruitt!”  I was working at the computer and kept hearing “Pruitt!  Pruitt!” from the TV in the next room. My God, what has he done now, I wondered as I finally got up to check.  Turned out I had left the TV on AMC and that gravelly voice yelling at “Pruitt” was Burt Lancaster as Sgt Warden yelling at the hapless, headstrong private Pruitt played by Montgomery Clift in that great movie From Here To Eternity.  I hope you’re all seen it at least once.   One of the great ones.

The garbage has moved!  Did you realize the office of Humboldt Recology  has moved from 14th Street,  right next to the recycling center,  all the way to SAMOA?? Who the hell wants to go all the way to SAMOA to discuss a garbage bill? Did we get to vote on this??  Isn’t there something in their contract about providing  convenient access to customers? There ought to be. Do they even have bus service to SAMOA????? Geez.

Tea Party-  Have you heard of Lapsang Soochong?  It’s smoked tea,  and once  you drink it you cannot be content with Lipton’s.  Since I quit coffee ten years ago I have been content with a half hearted cup of Lipton’s in the morning but since our friend in Berkeley turned us on to Lapsang Soochong, nothing else will do and the closest place I can find it for sale is the Berkeley Bowl , which  isn’t exactly  convenient. I’ve looked at Co-Op , Wildberries, the coffee places– no one carries it.  So in desperation I joined Amazon Prime and order six boxes,  which should have shown up by now but haven’t.  As soon as they have I intend to cancel my membership   ($12.99 /month) .  Any help welcome!!!

Scott Pruitt Just Can’t Get It Right

He even had a government employee try to find a job for his wife as a Chic-Fil-A franchisee,  then she never completed the application.  Maybe it was too hard. Don’t get me wrong-  I LOVE Chic-Fil-A and I would love them even if Pruitt OWNED the place but he doesn’t.   The closest store to here is the one on Cleveland In Santa Rosa. 

Read  about it HERE


HARRY BELAFONTE- remember him?  He turned up on CNN the other night looking like a 40-year old.  He’s 90!!! What is his secret? A clear conscience?  Amazing!

PUBLIX VS THE KIDS- Ever shop at a  Publix?  In Florida, Georgia and elsewhere in the Southeast, they’re the equivalent of Safeway.  Big company with 120,000 employees.  They made the mistake of endorsing a candidate who’s real cozy with the NRA and are now facing a boycott led by the brave students from Stoneman High.   Hopefully, they’ll come  to their senses.  If I had to bet, I’d take David Hogg over Publix.   In Jax, Publix is the best market, then it’s Winn-Dixie,  which is in bankruptcy, then at the bottom there’s Food Lion which is awful but has sweet employees who urge you to “have a blessed day’.   Publix has the best grab-n-go lunch I’ve ever seen,  a Cubano sandwich that is PERFECT.  Someone should be selling those here.  A shrink-wrapped Cubano stays fresh a long time.

FOOD NEWS-  Southside Mike and his truck will be at St Joe’s at the Harrison Street entrance,  from 1130 to 2pm on Tuesdays. Also Murphy’s in Cutten has started their “BBQ”  again, M-F from 11 to 4.  It is insane that they close so early, leaving  the 15,000 or so residents who go past everyday on their way home to pine for burgers and ribs which they would gladly purchase for dinner that night.  Go figure.

— SEN. JOHN MCCAIN (R-ARIZ.), (on Twitter): “To our allies: bipartisan majorities of Americans remain pro-free trade, pro-globalization & supportive of alliances based on 70 years of shared values. Americans stand with you, even if our president doesn’t.

HAVE YOU EVER NOTICED that Our Fake President runs away from dealmaking (hid out during the budget negotiations, hid during the Obamacare  negotiations, leaving everything to McConnell, blew the immigration negotiations. .  He wouldn’t know a deal if he hit one in the road.  And have you noticed that whenever he is faced with anyone who is more confident, more educated, more prepared , better spoken, better educated –  he pulls a cheap attack like finding “dandruff” on Macron and pretending to pick it off. How come no one else saw the “dandruff’? Now young Justin Trudeau is eating Trump’s lunch and reminding the world what a statement is SUPPOSED to sound like.

MORE RETAIL CLOSINGS-  Stonestown Mall,  having already lost its  Macy’s, is about to lose its Nordstrom’s, leaving the center with no anchor.  How times change!

I am very sad about the death of Anthony Bourdain.  I bought his “Kitchen Confidential ” book and encouraged my Job Club  members to read it, when I was doing that. He apparently did not give his closest friends the slightest hint that he was considering suicide which is sobering.  PLEASE pay attention to anyone who acts depressed or seems to need help. You could be saving a life.