From CNN: Read it below:

Trump’s inability to face the truth of his loss to Biden might explain why he has barely faced reporters at all in the closing weeks of his presidency. Even more remarkably, he rarely ever called into his favorite TV shows. Aside from a couple of chats with Maria Bartiromo and Brian Kilmeade and some WH-produced videos, he’s been invisible.

“I think the feeling is, if he goes out and talk more, he is simply going to add fuel to the fire,” Haberman said. “That’s part of why we are not hearing him, as people are afraid of what he will say — people meaning his advisers — what he will say off the cuff in an interview.”

And be sure to read THIS about how the antivaxxers got Corona money.

IS HE GONE YET? part 143

...and from Kansas: Another scathing Kansas City Star editorial about Mike Pompeo: “America will be better when he leaves office. Kansas will be much better if he decides to stay away from his adopted home state forever…” (Star)

And here”s the list of 25 best places to eat from the Chronicle. They always include House of Prime Rib. See the slide show HERE.

And here’s that story about the golden toilet for the Kushners. Yes, right HERE.


FROM RELIABLE SOURCES: “In the past half-decade, a news ecosystem has appeared where logical consistency and reality simply do not matter. Every once in a while, it presents itself to the wider public, and it’s jarring,” Collins wrote me. “This happened last week, for example, when Matt Gaetz attempted to pin the Capitol riots on Antifa hours after Trump supporters stormed the room he was speaking in. Telling the truth is not the point. The point is to never lose the argument in the moment, and never look back.”

“It will happen again this week with impeachment, as some Congresspeople who pushed election fraud lies for two months will be voting on impeaching the president for inciting insurrection fueled by people angry about those very same election fraud lies,” Collins added. “Healthy news consumers will be aghast at this development, that more excuses will likely be made for insurrectionists on the House floor. But it’s a good time for straight news agencies to call this out: Some people seem more concerned with protecting a system that rewards constant lies and shifting excuses than protecting our democracy. So are they a victim of that ecosystem, and captured by that mob, or are they happily a part of it themselves?”

The Collins referenced is Ben Collins of CNN.

A Word from Arnie

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Growing up, I was surrounded by broken men drinking away their guilt over their participation in the most evil regime in history. Not all of them were rabid anti-Semites or Nazis. Many just went along, step by step. … They were the people next door. … My father would come home drunk, once or twice a week, and he would scream and hit us..I saw it with my own eyes. … It all started with lies, and lies and lies.” — Republican former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, in a moving video post on Twitter, describing last week’s pro-Trump insurrection as America’s “Night of Broken Glass.”

TRUMP in Extremis

I have a Twitter account. I’ve used it twice. I have Facebook too. I’ve never figured out how to use Facebook. When I try to go back to my last post I can never find it. But I WOULD be upset if someone tried to cut off my email. So I can empathize a little when Trump complains about being cut off from Twitter. A very ltttle.

I don’t know who these idiots are who worship Trump. I don’t want to know them. Are these the same people I went to elementary school with? I wonder,

From CNN a scary prediction of much more violence before Biden is finally sworn in. And the WAPO ‘s editorial board put it this way, HERE.

HANG IN THERE. Sooner or later it will get better. I think.