SHORT RIBS and random thoughts, Oct 11 2021

I LOVE COLUMBUS DAY but it’s a lost holiday now. Why can’t they designate another day as IP day? We need more holidays anyway.

And here’s the best advice I’ve ever given you- GET OFF FACEBOOK!! I’ve known more marriages stressed, more friendships broken, more hurt feelings from that damn Facebook than any other source. Use email! Be civilized!

It says here that The Squid Game rattled around in someone’s briefcase for TEN YEARS before it was picked up far a series . So there.

SHORT RIBS and random thoughts, October 3 2021

Gen Milley- I hope that none of the spineless cretins who attacked the General during his Congressional testimony never show up at my house. “Thank you for your service” is supposed to apply to people with BRAINS. We are damn lucky to have Milley and his like.

THE EMPIRE BUILDER- I was sad to hear of the disruption of the Empire Builder right during the height of the Fall colors. I only rode it once but it’s an experience everyone should have , especially if you have kids. You can pick it up at either Portland or Seattle for the two day mountainous ride to Chicago. If you can’t figure out a way to have fun in Chicago, I can’t help you.

I’m not an admirer of Sen Joe Manchin but he does have a nifty answer to the housing prices in DC, –he lives on a boat (!) at least part time. Further investigation is warranted.

We don’t know how lucky we are to be trapped behind the Humboldt bubble. My brother in Jacksonville just lost TWO friends to COVID, both healthy guys in their ‘fifties. I thank God everyday we live here.


Wasn’t that a thrill to wake up to the sound of rain Saturday morning? I loved it. This has been a garbage summer anyway.

And thank God the primary is done. Was anyone looking forward to a shitshow starring Larry Elder? Me either. Now we have to get rid of this ridiculous primary routine.

The Amazon boys are still lurking. I got a call from one of them telling me that there had been suspicious activity regarding a card associated with my account. Sure there was. These guys don’t have Indian accents, though. More like South Bay.

In case you hadn’t heard, the Clark Museum is selling vintage reproductions of Hallowe’en cards. They’ll go fast.

SHORT RIBS and RANDOM THOUGHTS- Why I voted not to recall Gavin.

(GAVIN) OK, he’s not perfect. The lunch at the French Laundry was dumb. I remember when I used to curse him for being entitled, for being careless. But it turns out that if you have the stomach to read through all the candidate statements, there ain’t nothin’ there. Of all the misfits, wannabes, and pathetic losers in the bunch I’d rather stand pat with Gavin that risk having an idiot like Larry Elder for our Governor. It’s not rocket science . And don’t forget to vote. A lot of folks are ignoring this election , which ain’t good.

AMAZON Blues- I’m cutting this really short, but I was hacked recently by some lowlifes who claimed to be from Amazon customer service. I almost fell for it but then they wanted me to do silly things things like buy Amazon gift cards to pay off my supposed debt. Luckily, Amazon Customer service is quick and effective. Consult them fast if you have any problems.


Well, the grift just keeps on givin’. Take a look at THIS.

And who could have expected THIS?? Poor management in a condo? You don’t say!

AND while we’re at it, what about these ads featuring an emu? Is that even legal?/ Is that even legal? What a scruffy-looking bird! An ostrich would look a lot better on your front lawn. I guess ostriches never caught on as household pets because of their vile temperament and the fact that their kick can kill a person.

And while we’re at it again, while we’re remembering the poor souls who died in the Surfside collapse, let’s remember why these sleazy developments were built in the first place- EVERYONE WANTS CHEAP HOUSING. Every slum from Rio to LA was built for that reason.