Harbor Group Hosts March 29 Update on Last Chance Grade


Humboldt Bay Harbor Working Group (HBHWG) welcomes Kevin A. Tucker, Caltrans Senior Transportation Planner, to this month’s No- Host Luncheon.  Mr. Tucker will provide an update on the Last Chance Ridge and what currently is being done to stabilize this portion of US Hwy-101. This forum is scheduled for Wednesday, March 29, at Samoa Cookhouse from 12:30 to 1 p.m. with lunch served from noon to 12:30 p.m.  Chicken Parmesan for $15, soup/salad for $11.  For more information or to RSVP, call 441-1974 or send an email to luncheon@humboldtworkingport.org

That road was built in 1937.  No wonder it needs work!  See you at the Cookhouse!




It’s been officially acknowledged and certified by the Lost Coast Journal that we indeed have a housing shortage, if not a crisis, on the North Coast.  Apparently something like 500 students who started school in August are still looking for  housing.  That is ridiculous!  Why hasn’t a public health crisis been declared?   What is HSU doing about it??? Many unanswered questions. 

I rent out my extra room and bath. I resisted it for years,  then got smart.  A tenant solves a lot of problems.  An extra hand for heavy chores, someone to watch the dog when I’m out of town, lots of advantages. Plus the extra income is like crack; you are instantly addicted.  What’s puzzling to me is that with all the shortage talk,  the PRICE for a room hasn’t really gone up at all.  I charge $600 for a furnished room with private bath,  in a decent area. I’ve only seen  a couple of ads on Craig’s List that want more for a room.  So the law of supply and demand doesn’t seem to be applicable.  

Craig’s List is always a good read.  It’s amazing how many folks want to rent a room for nothing  or “work in exchange for rent”. Who does that except for growers? I usually don’t have to list my vacancy.  I just scan Craig’s lIst for people looking for housing  who sound reasonable.

Anyway, my new tenant is moving in this week.   Happy New Year!


The Humboldt Spay/Neuter Clinic is looking for a new home.

We received the  following from Jennifer Raymond of the Humboldt Spay/Neuter They sound like a worthy outfit so if you can help them,  please do so.

Hello, I wanted to let you know about our small (non-profit) business, Humboldt Spay/Neuter Clinic. We operate a low-cost spay/neuter clinic for cats and are presently spaying or neutering approximately 200 cats each month (that should be good news to the birds in your yard!). We would like to open our services to dogs, but need a larger location. Our present space is the building in front of The Farm Store in Eureka (the one with the great Flatmo mural of horses), which is just 800 square feet. We are seeking a location with approximately double the space. I thought I’d mention it to you in case you might be able to get word out in the business community, or could guide me to any business organizations where I could spread the word. (I am aware of Dr. Humble’s space, but it has a couple of major drawbacks: 1) right now he is asking the new tenant to buy all of his equipment and supplies for $300K or more, and 2) his surgery suite is located upstairs which is problematic, though it would indeed keep us all in great shape!).

You mentioned in your post that we have a shortage of veterinarians in Humboldt, and indeed we do, especially for affordable spaying and neutering and basic wellness care. Cat spays currently cost between $150 and $320 depending on the vet used, and dog spays are between $250 and $800 or more, depending on the size of the dog and the vet used. Our regular price to spay a cat is $85, reduced to $55 (or less) for low-income, stray and feral cats. Our dog prices would be in the same range. We know these services are desperately needed, so if there is any way you can help us spread the word that we are in need of a new space, we would be most appreciative. We are not requesting charity; we are able to pay rent and would even consider purchasing an appropriate space.

Thank you for your website and for listening to my plea. Jennifer Raymond, Director Humboldt Spay/Neuter Network 707.442.1426 (personal phone)




Where can you get a clock fixed around here???


  Every wall clock I have is a cheapo from CVS except for my pride and joy- a clock shaped like a lobster that I paid 50¢ for at a garage sale in King Salmon when I was still moving in to my place baclk in ’93.  I thought perhaps it had been in a local restaurant, maybe even Gill’s, but no one claimed it.  I took it to the clock shop that the old guy used to have in back of Safeway (now Shafer’s) and had him put in a movement.  I think it cost $5.  It’s been hanging in my kitchen ever since.   If there were ever a fire and I had to get out fast, that clock is about the only thing I’d worry about taking.  When my precious lobster stopped keeping time, I called Ten Window Williams.  Who else?  
    So when I called the number, that TWW gave me, (707) 407 6622, I reached Dave of Dave’s Clock Repairs, who came to my house, picked up the clock and brought it back working a few days later. Tariff was $45. All is well again  and I highly recommend Dave for any chronological  problems you may have.  Support your local clock repair guy!

Cutten Animal Health Center is Closing!

I’ve been taking my animals to CAHC since 1993 and have never had any complaints. Dr Humble has always been good with them and didn t try to run up the charges the way some vets do. But when I went it Tuesday to get LouLou her shots I was greeted by a sketchy looking couple who informed me that the doctor was no longer available and that the practice had been closed. The only service they were offering was to copy the vet records.  The lobby was strewn with pizza boxes. 

I knew Dr Humble had  had problems before but I thought he was great and my animals loved him. After 23 years you should at least get a cheery postcard if they’re closing. But that’s life.  If you have records down there get over there in the next day or two.. 

In Humboldt we now have a shortage of vets to go along with our shortages of doctors, nurses, surgeons and nursing-home beds.  What next?


Can you call a woman an asshole? I have the answer.

Anyone who has ever held a job- whether in government, private industry or the NGO’s- knows that this question comes up from time to time. Gather round the campfire and I shall share some lore with you.

Many moons ago at a Major Industrial Facility  in the middle of the ocean, there was a need for woman supervisors. There many women supervisors and managers in the white-collar areas like purchasing  and accounting but they kept running low in the trades.  The progression was usually from apprentice to journeyman to instructor to supervisor/foreman so the Instructor jobs were sought after and a lot of attention was paid to filling them with the right people.

Let’s call her Sandra.  Sandra was interviewed for the instructor job and was offered a position. She accepted and was scheduled to teach her first class some weeks later. So far, so good.

Fast-forward to the first day of class. Sandra doesn’t show up. Much wailing and gnashing of  teeth, much glee among the apprentices who were, temporarily, being paid to do nothing.  Finally someone reached her husband.  No, he said, she wasn’t home. She was in Vegas for the Credit Union Convention, which is a big deal at Major Industrial Facilities. Sure enough, she had long ago requested vacation to go to the convention  but hadn’t mentioned the conflict after she got the promotion because she didn’t want her vacation cancelled. Technically she was on approved vacation but she was AWOL from her teaching assignment.

 This is the instance which gave rise to a lengthy debate among the finest minds in the Management Engineering  Office on the question: Can you properly refer to a woman as an asshole?

I took the affirmative .  Bobby Tamura took the negative. The whole office took sides. When the dust settled,  the consensus was YES because “asshole” is a gender-neutral term.  Both men and women have assholes, and by extension both men and women can BE assholes.

A distinction should be made between “assholes” and “bitches”, which is also a gender -neutral term.  I know more male bitches than female, for the record. A bitch has to DO something or SAY something to be a bitch. Assholes just have to BE.

Okay. Discuss among yourselves.


Brexit: the Aftermath

I’m sad that the EU is failing. It was a noble experiment and a source of hope for those of us who are congenitally opposed to tariffs, borders and immigration laws. And of course, the parallels between the fascist campaigns in Europe and the Trump campaign can’t be denied. It’s going to be a L-O-N-G election season. Fasten your seat belts.


My Favorite Businesses: Rosewood Body Shop and A-1 Carpet Cleaning

I always complain about bad service. Here’s a tribute to those who provide GOOD service.

Recently I snapped off my passenger side mirror while exiting my garage. This is about the fourth time. I don’t recall where I took it the other times but this time I consulted Yelp and decided to go with Rosewood, a family-owned detail-and-body shop in Eureka  at 842 W 14th St, kind of across from Walgreen’s past the freeway. I don’t have a lot of details to go into because the service was quick and efficient and thorough. It took a couple of days to order a new mirror (my friend had done a great job of taping the old one on except I couldn’t open the window) but it only took a few minutes to install and I was good to go. The price of $186 was fair, and enough to make me more  careful about my garage exits.

The place is clean and cheerful with a nice little waiting area and the staff are friendly and  helpful.  I think it’s the mom who acts as receptionist but I was in and out so quickly I didn’t have time to find out!  We like that!

BTW, the defunct Asian restaurant catty-corner from the Walgreens has had a “Rita’s Taqueria Coming Soon” in the window for several weeks. Hurry, Rita!!!

The other great experience we had lately was having our rugs done, again, by A-1 Carpet Cleaners. They restored  our dining room carpet that I thought had been ruined by an inconsiderate dog. Phil and his helper did a great job for a reasonable price (two rooms for $97). Definitely recommended.. Their site is HERE.