One Eighth Of The Way Through The Trump Presidency

The past six months have demonstrated that the poor judgment of those voters who elevated Don the Con to the Presidency definitely had consequences.  We are stuck with a President who has no moral compass, no positions, no philosophy, who doesn’t seem to know the difference between reality and fantasy,  who blames everyone else for his failures,  and who appears to have been hypnotized or lobotomized by Vladimir Putin. Why else would he CONTINUE to deny that the Russians hacked our elections and, worse, refuse to take any actions to prevent it from happening again in 2018?

His miserable performance re: the GOP healthcare attempt shows that The Great Dealmaker wouldn’t know a great deal if he hit one in the road. Other Presidents get off their butts and make phone calls. Donnie whines and golfs.

Add to this the fact that this is the most SECRETIVE Presidency ever. What was he doing meeting alone with Russian officials in the Oval Office? He seems to like situations where only the Russians can keep records of what was said.  He’s met with Putin for three hours (including the G20 dinner) and the American people have NO IDEA what was said. Sad!

Finally, Trump fatigue has set in. His 37% or whatever it is support has topped out and  is subsiding. People are tired of the lies, the  hysteria,  the  shifting stories,  the endless corruption,  his untalented relatives occupying positions for which they have no qualifications, his laziness in filling Federal positions and his delusion that sending out Tweets is an acceptable substitute for real government.  Eventually,  he will render himself irrelevant. Congress and everyone else will just start working around him, ignoring him when they can.  If he survives the  Russia inquiry he will live out the remainder of his term barricaded  in the White House, watching Fox News and blaming everyone else for his poor performance. That’s about all he’s good for, besides kissing up to our enemies.  Essentially, we have no President.

Had enough? So have I.


Short Ribs and Random Thoughts- July 20 2017

There’s just too much news! Ye’r killing me.

The George Strait Phenom-  Everyone, even the New Yorker,  is celebrating Strait, whose  longevity in country music is amazing.  I have a G Strait story myself. During my Hawaii years, I had a duplex in Waialua, on the North Shore of Oahu, not far from  Schofield  Barracks.  The duplex across from mine had been rented in the past by G Strait when he was a young soldier at Schofield.  The owners, Mr and  Mrs Foo, told me that ever after when he came through Honolulu, he took them out to dinner. I told this to a homeless lady in the Roy’s parking lot who was wearing a George Strait T-Shirt. She said I made her day.

“End of Season”-I haven’t even got used to the idea that it’s summer yet, and the stores are advertising “end of season” sales. That’s so wrong!  

The Kitchen Trial-  I usually don’t comment on the local crime scene but I want to note that in the hubbub surrounding this case, the fact that the young man whose testimony  is most crucial is an HONOR STUDENT.  Can you imagine living though that chaos ?  I hope someone helps him with college.

Two Things You Don’t Know About Me-  I have never taken a selfie.  And I have never watched Game of Thrones.

The Parklets Abide-  remember when Rob Holmlund was first pushing the idea of parklets in Eureka?  I objected to losing more parking in Old Town.  A couple of days ago there was a followup in the Times-Standard.  Apparently a volunteer force from  Old Town businesses was entrusted to monitor parking and concluded that, hey, there’s PLENTY of parking in Old Town.  I’m a big fan of Mr Holmlund but my experience has been different.   The DAY BEFORE the piece came out in the T-S,  I tried to pick up a watch from Ten Window Williams.   When I had dropped it off, I found parking within a block.  When I came back (at 3 pm, carefully avoiding the lunchtime rush) there was nothing on the whole block except a half-space not big enough for an Isetta. Remember those? I ended up parking illegally on the sidewalk. I’m looking at having PT or surgery or both to improve my mobility but even if you’re not disabled THERE’S NOT ENOUGH PARKING IN OLD TOWN. Period. End of story.

Tour de France–  Do you watch it?  It’s the best low-rent travelogue on the air. Sometimes I even see places where I’ve been. It’s great TV. 

Benbow construction continues-  the $10M revamp of the Benbow was supposed to be completed July 17 but is now expected to continue until October.  It will be gorgeous and accessible then but right now the rear entrance is no more and those dreadful steps up the front are the only access.  I love the Benbow but we’ve cancelled a birthday party and I’m sure they’re losing a lot of other  business too. Let’s hope they finish up fast. 

I’m a Democrat and not at all religious,  but last night I found myself praying for Sen. John McCain.  I really did.





Harbor Group To Meet Wed July 26 on Samoa Development

Humboldt Bay Harbor Working Group (HBHWG) welcomes Dan Johnson, President & CEO, of the Danco Group. Mr. Johnson will present information on the proposed plan for the “Town of Samoa – A New Commercial & Residential Development” project. This forum is scheduled for Wednesday, July 26th, at Samoa Cookhouse with lunch served from noon to 12:30 p.m. followed by the presentation from 12:30 to 1 p.m. Meatloaf will be served for lunch at $16 and soup and salad is available for $12. To RSVP please contact 707-441-1974 or email:  Charles.Bean @    Click HERE  for more information about the proposed project! 


Short Ribs and Random Thoughts -July 17 17

Carter/Trump- If we live to be a hundred will we ever see Donald Trump breaking a sweat to benefit another human being?  Much less building houses in Winnipeg for Habitat, getting overheated , spending the night in the hospital  and going back to work THE NEXT DAY?  Carter was not one of our more effective Presidents,  but he’s been our best ex-President ever. And as a human being, worth about 4,000 Trumps.

JOBCASE- Are you getting emails from something called Jobcase? be advised that no matter how many times you click on “unsubscribe”,  you keep getting their damn emails. It must be really hard for the folks who actually subscribed to the service.

CLASS vs NO-CLASS-  We wondered how long it would take our oafish President to embarrass us in France.  Well, he didn’t even make it off the tarmac before remarking to the elegant Mme Macron that she was in “great shape”.  Meanwhile, her husband, who is ten days younger than Don Trump Jr., is playing Trump Sr. like a cello.  Good for him!

SPEAKING OF FRANCE- the Zoë venue in Henderson Center is being taken over by the folks who run Uniquely Yours Catering (and used to have the late lamented Hurricane Kate’s).  They’re calling it Le Monde and Chef Alex Begovic is staffing now.  Hope Le Monde lasts longer than Zoë did.  Open in August.

DO YOU USE DELUXE CHECKS? From A Friend of The Blog, here’s a tale of woe.

“Exactly one month ago, realizing I was down to my last book of checks, I ordered online. But I wasn’t seeing any withdrawal from checking to pay for this nor tracking. So I asked CCCU to order one for me. I had to fight tooth and nail to get this. I mean like a dozen times she stated I had already ordered a book of checks. I explained repeatedly that I wanted backup. 100% of my income from SSA and Cal-PERS retirement monthly deposits goes into this checking account. Now I am down to four checks. It turns our two of my online orders were cancelled (neither Deluxe nor CCCU notified me) due to CCCU not verifying my address in a timely manner so Deluxe just cancelled both. The orders literally disappear from the online record of my orders. It is nearly impossible to get a human at Deluxe. After a long phone conversation with CCCU on the issue of CCCU dropping the ball, my second order for a book of checks was cancelled without notice to me. Now it looks like maybe the order I did in house on the phone with CCCU went through—maybe they do the address verification. My fourth order for a book of checks are now also coming by USPS. It looks like a painfully slow process, to say the least.”

I definitely feel for you.  CCCU doesn’t screw up often but when they do it’s a doozy. I’m still recovering from that time they  LOST a check order and I had to close my account.

REST IN PEACE, DAVE PERRY-  I seem to be losing a lot of friends lately.  Dave was my supervisor for ten years at the Dept of Rehab and helped many many people in this community,  most of whom didn’t know him. It’s always a cliché to say, but he truly was an inspiration to everyone who knew him. Happy Trails, Dave.