The Chamber On Life Support

Am I alone in thinking the City of Eureka has its head up its butt?  They can’t afford to spend $100K to keep the Chamber  visitors’ center open through the end of the year but they’re paying  $88K  in legal fees for having kept the public from seeing police videos.

This town needs a Chamber. I, too, was upset when they started playing politics, but they learned their lesson,  or should have,  when their candidate for City council, John Fullerton, got walloped by young Austin Allison. But there has been some unfair criticism, too. The staff is good and they are NOT over staffed. The main problem with the current Visitors’ Center is that its on the wrong  side of the street-  folks traveling NORTH don’t see it at all, and folks traveling SOUTH don’t see it until they’re headed out of town.  Personally,  I think  the current site should be converted to some other use and the Visitor;s Center should be relocated to the currently empty Roy’s building.  They even have parking and  maybe the aromas of the last century will remain in the building for awhile.  

It will never happen,  but we need our Chamber. And their Visitors’ Center.




How stupid is he?  Don’t answer that.  He’s too dumb to “know what he doesn’t know”. He’s too dumb to listen to his daily briefings because he thinks he knows it all. His need to be a big shot has apparently led him to kiss up to RUSSIAN SPIES INVITED TO THE WHITE HOUSE AT THE BEHEST OF V PUTIN,  while the American press cooled their heels outside.  This guy needs to be gone, yesterday. He’s 71 years old and has never been part of a team, has never been accountable.

The pace of the outrages is more than anyone can keep up with. I have seventeen stories- all important- that I just collected since yesterday..THIS IS PART OF THE RUSSIAN PLOT. They mean to destabilize our democracy,  which is a  lot more dangerous- and easier-than stealing votes.

I’ve included a few links.  Make time to read them if you can. These are parlous times. We have a President who is treating the US Government as his own piggy bank and is taking his dreadful  family on a jaunt to Europe, at your expense.  Will he have enough sense to STFU during this trip?  Let’s hope so.  And may I add that the $99 I paid for a WAPO subscription has more than paid for itself.

Some recent highlights:

POLITICO on Trump’s firing of Comey:  read it HERE

WAPO’s summary of last few days.  Find it HERE. 

From CNN’S Reliable Sources, find it  HERE

And I’m exhausted.   As Dan Rather used to say during Watergate, “Courage!”


The Stoplight

The long-awaited stoplights at the corner of Walnut and Fern are hanging from their prospective poles, wrapped in what looks like brown paper bags.  They’ve been hanging for a few days now.  I guess we’re waiting for a big hand to come out of the sky and activate things.  A little while ago there was a truck with a big reel of copper wire but he’s gone.  It’s convenient that there’s a Farmers’ Insurance office at the corner because there are sure to be a few fenderbenders when the lights turn on.  Don’t look up !  Look ahead of you.! 

The backstory is HERE.


Don’s Latest Con

Having fired the hapless James Comey from the Directorship of the FBI, in the most cowardly way possible, our no-class President is trying to distract you again.  His reasons for firing Comey are bogus , or perhaps the right term is specious. He’s trying to  focus attention away from  the fact, now public,  that he knew for almost three weeks that Mike Flynn was a foreign agent before getting him out of the White House.   Don has bought himself an express ticket to Special Prosecutor Land.  Just don’t let him distract you.

Keep your eye on the ball, folks.