ELECTION TOMORROW- As if you didn’t know. And if you somehow didn’t manage to register YOU CAN STILL VOTE.  Call the elections office at  445-7481.

JERRY BROWN’S LAST HALLOWE’EN AS GOVERNOR-  While I’m debating who was  the worst- Trump or Nixon (probably Trump) here’s a video from Sacramento illustrating  how a statement interacts with his constituents.  You can hear him telling a kid to hurry up, make up his mind. My favorite curmugeon.  God, I’m going to miss him.  Watch HERE

The SBDC-  I get a lot of mail from them but I can’t forward it to you because it’s in a newsletter format.  The Small Business Development Center is invaluable for anyone interested in starting or improving a  business.  They have classes on budgeting,  business plan development  and they’re all FREE.  This is a terrific  service you should take advantage of if you’re in business or thinking about it.   Get in touch with them HERE.

Republican politics is as dirty as ever, are you surprised? Donald Trump JR. is on the radio calling Nancy Pelosi old and tired while she has stumped in 30 cities in 31 days.  His dad is calling Stacy Abrams “unqualified” to be the Governor of Georgia.  She’s been a lawyer and the head of the minority caucus in  the Georgia State Legislature. In other words, she’s qualified for the office she’s running for, which Our Fake President was not.

A SHORT RIBS HACK!!  Ina Garten, who will be familiar to those of you addicted to The Food Channel, had a life-changing hack in last week’s Parade mag.  Rather than brown the ribs on all four sides,  WHICH I HATE DOING,  she roasts the ribs on a cookie sheet for 20 minutes to accomplish the same.  I am forever grateful to her, even though her husband is a Trump-related lawyer.  HERE’s her recipe;  I only do 3 lbs at a time. Definitely having short ribs for Thanksgiving this year!!

Short Ribs OCT 23 2018

“ROGUE KILLERS”   Gee, I didn’t know Mike Pompeo was a trained investigator.  The amiable buffoon allowed himself to be dispatched to Riyadh to provide credibility to the Saudi fake “rogue killer” story.  He traveled all that way to prove he’s a fool?

“CRIMINALS POURING ACROSS THE BORDER ” NYT’S EMILY COCHRANE reports (@ESCochrane): “I asked President Trump what evidence he had that ‘hardened criminals’ are trying to enter the country. ‘Oh please, please, don’t be a baby,’ was his response.”   At least two TV networks have stationed reporters with the caravan and they seem to be finding mostly women and children. Hmmmmm.

NIKKI HALEY  profiled in the WAPO.  She’s pretty formidable.  Running in 2020?  Read about her HERE

-Our Fake President is fond of murderous tyrants like Kim and the Saudis.  What more do you need to know about where he would be trying to lead our country if he had the leadership ability to do so? At this point, his incompetence is expensive but not determinative.  I wonder what his excuse will be when the GOP loses big in the midterms?  Oh,  right, blame everyone else.  Meanwhile the lies just go on and on.  Did you hear the one about how the Democrats have financed the caravan from Honduras? His screeching has long since become unendurable.

MISTER FISH-   I wasn’t a frequent customer of Mr Fish.  The owner was so rude I’d get my friends to go in so I wouldn’t have to. He survived a long time considering how obnoxious he was.   The last couple of years he was less offensive but his reputation was well-established.  It would be nice if someone else bought it  but  I’ve gotten used to buying my fish at WINCO, where I run into  the local restaurateurs buying theirs. And there’s always someone selling  tuna on the docks. We’ll survive.

CLOSINGS IN EUREKA-  But the big picture is awful.  In the past year or so we’ve lost Bien Padre, Roy’s Club,  the motorcycle café,  Bless My Soul, and I’m sure you can think of others. Can cannabis replace them? Not really. I even miss the old Marie Callender’s .  Christmas is coming and I used to love their quiche as an easy lunch for entertaining.

AVENATTI FIRM IN RENT DISPUTE-  of course in any case involving lawyers, it’s escalated to  multi -million dollar claims.  Read the LA Times account HERE.

GIVE yourself plenty of time to mark your ballot-  it’s HUGE this time.  I do mine curled up in front of the TV.  I really wonder who the  folks are who still trudge down to the polling place. And why.



The Washington Post reporter who was lured into the Turkish consulate in Istanbul and hideously dismembered WHILE STILL ALIVE, left his last column, about the need for free expression in the Arab world. Meanwhile the amiable idiot Pompeo is perfectly willing to provide distraction with a useless “mission” to Arabia that had zero results.  Kashoggi was a martyr to the idea of a free press, which, no thanks to Our Fake President, we still have. Read Kashoggi’s last piece HERE.



TWO YEARS OUT- and we’re just about where we’d expect to be with a moron in the White House and the GOP toadies still hanging around.  Our credibility among the  nations has withered to the point where our Fake President is obviously ready to trade our country’s  rectitude for a mess of pottage, or more specifically,  billions of dollars of (possible) arms  sales to the murderous Saudis.  Why not a wall to keep THOSE  guys out?  This is what happens when you don’t require income tax disclosure,  tolerate nepotism, and give an idiot the keys to the kingdom. One more week to register to vote!

TIME MACHINES-  is a nifty name for a new clock repair business opening at 494 Third St in Eureka.  When I moved back here in ’93,  I bought a clock at a garage sale in King Salmon that must have come from a restaurant. It’s shaped like a lobster and it is just about my favorite possession. I paid 50¢ for it.  I first took it to the older fellow who had the  clock repair shop in back of the then-Safeway (now Shaffer’s on Harris) and he got it working .  Then a couple of years ago it needed some more work and a genial person from Fortuna named David Bellairs got it working again .  Mr Bellairs will now have his own operation in Eureka, co-located with Ten Window Williams which sounds like a fortuitous marriage.  Good luck to him/them.



MH: If you were Conan the King, what would be your first royal decree?

AS:  Access for everyone to health care. And to get off the arms race and to get off Verschmutzung [polluting]. It’s inexcusable to have so much plastic floating around in the oceans.

MH:  Do you think any of those things will happen?

AS:  It will not happen if people just sit around and complain when they hear something on the news. I’m a big advocate of “get off your fucking couch and do something about it.” If you believe there’s something being done wrong by legislators, go out and do everything you can to unseat that person. The same if you see a president acting strange: Do everything you can to unseat that president. My father said to me, “Be useful.” Useful not only to yourself, but useful to your neighborhood, your country, the world. It entails everything.

Be useful.


JEEZ, YOU CAN’T TRUST ANYONE-  A Palo Cedro chiropractor told his patients to ignore their doctors’ orders because he alone could cure their cancer.  Sound like anyone? The Searchlight-Record tells the tale. Read it HERE.

Now that we  have rumors of BOTH  KFC and In & Out burger coming to town, I’m not sure I can stand the excitement. I’d just gotten used to Winco’s chicken (which is actually  good) and the one time I tried I&O I wasn’t real impressed.  Don Chin was apparently the driving force in the KFC connection.  I think I’d vote for him for City Council.  If I could.

When was the last time you bought anything at Sears?  I swear they could have closed the place and I wouldn’t have noticed.  Always sad to lose jobs  if they do close ours.