Don the Con: Why Salesmen Don’t Make Good Presidents

You don’t have to read “The Art Of The DeaL” to understand sales. Just read this:

I want to sell you a car.  I tell you, “This is a nice car”.  My SAYING “This is a nice car” doesn’t  make it a nice car, but the SUGGESTION that this is a nice car hangs in the air like a bad odor until  someone counters it by saying “NO, this POS is NOT a nice car”. What does the con do then?  He/She doesn’t engage in debate. They just move on to the next selling point.  “This car is a bargain.”  “This car gets good mileage”. They will hop all over and around and never stick to one argument long enough to be contradicted. They prevail by SUGGESTION and simply change the subject when someone contradicts them. Sound familiar?

Any lie has its own truth for a moment. “I saw thousands of Muslims dancing for joy on 9-11” hangs in the air until someone pulls it down. “Three million people voted illegally”. “They bused people in from Vermont to vote in New Hampshire”.  “I had the largest inaugural crowd in history” and on and on and on.  When anyone  tries to confront him, he walks away.  That’s what cons do. 

Donald isn’t the only con in the White House these days, of course. Kellianne and that idiot Steven Miller,  the clown who botched the Muslim ban order, are front and center. Bill Clinton had a Rolodex of 2500 names he could call on; Don has Jared.  The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight  would have enough problems  if they were straight shooters. Being cons-in -training is challenging.


All My Immigrants

I never thought of myself as coming from a family of immigrants, but the barbaric actions of our new President have put me in my place. My best and closest friend is an immigrant. His mother was an immigrant.  My sister-in–law is an immigrant. My cousin’s kid is about to marry an immigrant.  All my great-grandparents on my mom’s side were immigrants.  I know I’m leaving someone out.

My great-grandfather’s “naturalization papers” consisted of a page in a ledger that listed his name, and said that he came from Ireland.  His wife, my great-grandmother, didn’t warrant a listing of her own, nor did any of the kids.  I found it down in the courthouse. All the people on a page were sworn in on the same day. One of the folks on my great-grandfather’s page was David Cutten, so we’re going back aways.

I would be okay with not having immigration laws at all.  The growth that this country experienced in the 19th century was essentially unregulated.  It was chaos! But somehow it all worked out. They were suspicious of immigrants then,  too.  Did you read the obituary in Sunday’s Times-Standard that referenced our Italian folks from right here in Eureka being restricted and relocated  due to the WWII scare over Italian and Japanese immigrants?  A lot of injustices were done during that time, all in the name of “national security”.  Have you ever in your life met someone who actually lost a job- or anything else- to an undocumented worker? I haven’t.

The ineptitude of the right-wing ideologues who are occupying the White House is actually a good thing.  Bannon, Spicer etc don’t seem to have a clue.  Trump’s first and only term will apparently be a full-employment act for lawyers. Expensive for the taxpayers, but in the end the Constitution will prevail. Hopefully.

I lived in Sacramento for a year and I find myself thinking  of my dentist there, who was a Syrian immigrant, a graduate of the University of Damascus. I hope  he and his family will not be  terrorized by the Trumpies. They are a nice family and a good dentist is hard to find.  

What a bitter backdrop as we welcome the Year of the Rooster.




Me and the ACLU

Like everyone who joins the ACLU, I get mad and quit them every once in a while. Their positions in defense of liberty are sometimes extreme. I remember the first time I  quit them.  It was over the kid from Russia ;who was being made to go back to Russia and I don’t even recall the legal issue.  But the way they stepped up over this past weekend to fight the “Muslim ban” was definitely heartwarming.  And reassuring.

So now I’ll have to write them a check.  You can, too.   HERE’S the website.  For as little as $35 (or less- they’re not going to turn anyone down)  you can be a soldier in the good fight. 

When I think of all the other entities I write checks to- the Zoo, the THA,  the Democrats, Food for People, EPIC, the Chamber, etc.- it doesn’t seem like much.


Don the Con’s Big Day- He Blew It

Those of us with low expectations for the Trump Inaugural were not disappointed. He could have issued a call for unity. He could have addressed the concerns of the majority who did not vote for him.  But no, instead he continued to demonstrate his unfitness for office, his insatiable ego,  his lack of knowledge, and his basic lack of interest in being the President. He’s more concerned with ratings and crowd sizes than in governing. Those of us who thought that the grownups would get to him have realized that the grownups have no influence.  He is a deranged and dangerous  egomaniac who doesn’t know any better than to start his term with a loser’s controversy over crowd  size.  He’s starting with an attack on Federal employees –  yeah, that’s real helpful. 

We have entered a new era of Government by Lie. Trump lies so easily, so frequently, that we are getting used to it!  If I thought he was really going to last four years, I’d really be depressed. 

Don the Con now enjoys the support of approximately 30% of the voters.  He’ll never add to that number unless he gets his priorities straight. Twitter wars were okay when he was  just a candidate but his delusion that he can bypass the “crooked media” by using tweets just isn’t reality.  Unless he can BUILD on his base, he won’t be around long. If he were really “a very smart person”, he’d know that.

The outrages are coming so thick and so fast it’s hard to keep up.  Remember that this con, like all cons, works by distraction. He’ll keep the attention on himself by tweets and sound bits, and hope the true agenda stays under the radar. 

HERE is an accounting of this past weekend.  It’s not a good start. 


No, I’m Not Going To Watch the Trump Inaugural

I don’t remember going out of my way to watch ANY inaugural, even Obama’s which at least was historic. According to my ephemeris, Jan 20 2009 was a Tuesday, so I was probably at work. If inaugurals are such a big deal, why don’t they give people the day off? Just asking.

The time difference is a big problem. I was thinking about throwing a Bloody-Mary-and-Granola brunch for the Democrats in the ‘hood but 9am is too damn early to start drinking. If the weather is still miserable – as it’s predicted to be –  I just might sleep thru the whole thing.  If he screws up, it will be on the news anyway.

I think it’s great that there will be a vigil on Arcata Plaza by the Women in Black and anyone who cares to join them from 830 to 10am. You go, ladies!

This inaugural is not a celebration. It marks the transfer of power from a humane and caring individual to one who is coarse, crude, uneducated, greedy, sexist, ignorant and lies each time he opens his mouth.  He’s not going to change.  God help us all.



Why Does Trump Want His Family In the White House?

Well, first of all, he doesn’t have any friends. Forty years of scheming to defraud the people he does business with hasn’t resulted in his having a robust network of friends or even allies.

Second, his limited intellect and knowledge are well beneath the usual level for prospective Presidents. He is the most unprepared President in history.  He doesn’t KNOW how things are normally done, or why. Lil’ ol’ Reince Prebius is supposed to be keeping Don the Con on track.  He is failing at his task.  Trump is insulting our allies daily and trying his best to compromise our national  security  based on his warm fuzzy feelings for the KGB thug Putin.  His judgment sucks and I don’t want to be endangered by it.  

Can anyone talk sense to Trump?  An egomaniac who thinks he knows better than 17 intelligence agencies  is probably uncontrollable.  It will be left to the checks and balances of the system to put the brakes on this new Government by Ignorance.  Will he be brought down by his greed?  Or by his arrogance?  What a wonderful choice for the American people.

So the world is to be treated to the spectacle of Don the Con staffing his administration (correction: this is YOUR  administration)  with his untalented children.  Very Banana Republic. And this is making America great again? 

Every day Don the Con does something more hateful.  Taking off on Meryl Streep? He has no self-control, no dignity and no wisdom.  Even the 24% of the electorate that voted for him are getting tired of his act. He WAS entertaining for awhile.   Now he’s just an ignorant bore.  Hello, President Pence.

HERE is an interesting take from Salon about his unfitness.


“I Am A Very Smart Person”- Don the Con and the Art of Distraction

“I am a very smart person”.
Be honest, now. Have you ever known a REALLY smart person who would be caught dead saying that? Smart people aren’t that tacky nor do they brag about their intellect.
They don’t have to. Smart people know how to do something Don the Con has never done: lead by example.

Don the Con likes to tell everyone who  will listen that he went to “a very good school’,  meaning Wharton.  Let’s take a closer look.  The great reputation of Wharton is based on their MBA program, to which Don the Con never applied. He couldn’t even get into Wharton as a freshman,  (even with a millionaire daddy)  and had to go to Fordham for two years, then transfer although he has been known to claim that the reason he stayed back was that he couldn’t bear to leave daddy.  There is a lot available on this subject; Google is your friend.  He won’t release his grades from Wharton. Guess they wouldn’t show “how smart he is.”  His entire higher education  consists of an degree in REAL ESTATE, whereas the prized degree from Wharton is in Finance. In other words, he has about the kind of education you would expect from a man who is known to have never read a single book in his entire adult life.

This abysmal ignorance is becoming more embarrassing  every day.  He has lived a few blocks from the UN for years and still thinks its some kind of country cub? “They don’t do anything but talk!”  It’s called diplomacy, Don. A useful alternative to war, which you obviously prefer.

But Don the Con has learned one thing well: The  Art of Distraction. Just like a guy doing card tricks, he shifts the attention of the mark -(that’s us)- away from the main action to cover up his manipulation.  So on the morning  he was supposed to reveal his plans for avoiding  conflicts of interest while refusing to divest himself of his vast wealth, he started a stupid Twitter war to distract  everyone.  He loves Twitter because  a) it’s short and doesn’t require writing skills   b)  there’s no accountability and you never have to defend the stupid things you say in a tweet.  You can hijack the news cycle and never have to explain yourself  or your lies.  Twitter is the perfect medium for Don the Con.   

I continue to believe his greed will be his downfall. Get ready for President Pence.