WE’RE GETTING A BREAK!! Our Fake President has declared he will spend “seven days a week” in the 60 days before the November primaries working to elect his followers. He won’t have TIME to insult our allies, concoct destructive tariffs or undermine our intelligence agencies.  Let’s hope he keeps his word.

“THEY’RE CLOSING THE DMV”  in Eureka, or at least that was DMV’S original plan.  What is wrong with them?  Mike Mcguire has apparently  come to the rescue but why was it necessary?  Anyway,  those of you who belong to AAA can use their services instead. I’m going to use the next week to pay my reg fees and I’ll let you know how it goes.

Dr ANGELOFF-  Dr Steven Angeloff has been my dentist for ten years or so and I cannot recommend him more highly.  I just thought I should express my appreciation.  If you can get on with him,  do so.

COSTCO is discontinuing their Polish dog!! How can they?  I don’t even eat hot dogs, which they ARE continuing.  This is as much a disturbance in the force as the election of Trump-   a dreadful development. There is an on-line petition or two.  Several months ago I asked them about buying the hot dog BUNS they use and couldn’t get any info.  Well, at least they’re easy to make at home.  But my faith in COSTCO is shaken.


“ROOM WANTED”  Anyone ever rented a room in their house?  I’ve done it for years, off and on.  You’d think with a supposed housing shortage  in Humboldt,  the Craig’s List would be full of worthy candidates, but the listings are just as scary as ever.  Here’s a couple of current examples;  “Pregnant 16-year old with two dogs  seeks room for less than $500.”  I really wish her the  best and hope she finds something.  Here’s another: “Viking pagan seeks sacred space”.  Don’t know how well he’d fit in Cutten. Be grateful for the roof over your head!  Some folks don’t have one.

Finally,  don’t forget our Fake President’s immortal words:  ” “Just remember: What you’re seeing and what you’re reading is not what’s happening.”  Don’t believe your lying eyes! We are only supposed to believe him. Will sanity return after November?? 


This week we were treated to walkback after walkback while Trump’s staff tried to dig him out from his gaffes. Remember when they used to call Reagan “The Great Communicator”?   Haven’t heard that about Trump, have you?   Serious folks in government are now laying plans for bypassing this fool.  From the Washington Post,  read the full version HERE.


NOTABLE WASHINGTON LUNCHES- I love accounts of political lunches, such as the occasion when Ty Cobb discussed his strategy for defending Trump in an outdoor restaurant (the BLT Grill) with a NYT reporter taking pictures and recording him. On Friday, Michael Cohen had lunch at the Loews Regency with Al Sharpton (!).  No word yet on what they had and the website doesn’t include  prices.   I guess if you have to ask…..

TRUMP AND FOX-  Our billion-dollar security establishment isn’t good enough for our ignorant president.  He’d rather get his news from Fox.  This explains  in part his stunning incompetence.  HERE’s an account.

WHERE’S THAT TRIBE? Amazing story from the morning Times-Standard.  Wouldn’t it be stunning to find out that the tribe you belonged to never really existed?  There’s a lot of money at stake with tribal designations, so this will be a hard-fought fight.  My sister lived in Etna for awhile and met some tribal folks who invited her to their sweat lodge.  That’s all I can contribute.

DUTCH BROTHERS-  I quit drinking coffee about ten years ago so when a friend asked for a  coffee card from Dutch Brothers it was a revelation.  There was a line around the block at 2pm!  Took me 20 minutes to get a card!  NONE of the other coffee places are that busy. What’s their secret?  Don’t tell me to try the coffee.  I don’t want to get hooked again.

STILL WANNA BE A FEDERAL EMPLOYEE?  Watching the bashing of Peter Strojek  who is being castigated for  poor judgment (shouldn’t have used a government account for private tweets) would make any young person question whether Federal employment is a good deal at all. Trump’s crew hates the government in such a simpleminded way  they doh’t think about accomplishing  the job, only in destroying the civil service.  Tell your kids to hold off till Trump is on the way out.  It won’t be long.

OFF-SEASON TV-  If you grow tired of pining for the next episode of 90 Day Fiancée,  I’ve noticed for the last couple of days TCM (Channel 37 on Suddenlink) is showing the old “Young Peoples’ Concerts with Leonard Bernstein”   in between movies. They are wonderful and I wish they’d show a whole season.  They haven’t aged a bit and Lenny is wonderful.  Worth watching for. 

Scott Pruitt Just Can’t Get It Right

He even had a government employee try to find a job for his wife as a Chic-Fil-A franchisee,  then she never completed the application.  Maybe it was too hard. Don’t get me wrong-  I LOVE Chic-Fil-A and I would love them even if Pruitt OWNED the place but he doesn’t.   The closest store to here is the one on Cleveland In Santa Rosa. 

Read  about it HERE


GUNS-  It must have taken Our Fake President at least 25 seconds to come up with the idea of reviving that old saw about “the only antidote to a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun,”    That’s only correct if you see guns as a solution, not the problem. Of course, Don doesn’t DO his own thinking – he has Wayne La Pierre whispering in his ear and he gets the rest of his agenda from Sean Hannity. I wonder how he can keep a straight face claiming that HE would have stormed the school without a weapon.  Of course, of course.

“The SNAKE”-  I was VERY surprised to hear that the writer of that damn “snake” song was Oscar Brown Jr!   He was a fixture of the folk scene in the ’60’s but the song was covered by several other people.   I remember hearing it  on top-40 radio and thinking it was Ray Stevens.  (This was  around the time of “Ahab The Arab”.)  His two daughters have been complaining on TV about the misappropriation so  why don’t they just SUE the bastard?

The Olympics-  ran out of interesting sports before they ran out of broadcast  time.  That must be why we were subjected to several hours of CURLING  which has got to be the most useless waste of ice, time, whatever.

Things you don’t know about me:  1) I do not text, nor respond to texts    2) I have never eaten a Big Mac.

Humboldt County is in big trouble-  Our child welfare system is inadequate and we don’t have enough doctors. Please keep this in mind when examining the candidates for Supervisor this Fall.

WHY CAN’T JARED GET A CLEARANCE???   Jared Kushner, who doesn’t have a security clearance after a year and a half of hanging around the White House devouring the daily brief that the President can’t be bothered with,  IS A BILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT  from that ill-advised purchase of 666 5th Avenue  His note is coming due in a few months. Who will bail him out??  The Russians?  The Chinese? What a mess!

LOCAL BOZOS DEPARTMENT-  did you see the Times-Standard yesterday?.  A part-time teacher in Fortuna  (thankfully retired) claims he was packing a pistol while subbing in Fortuna !   Can he be prosecuted at this point? I hope so!!!