It’s been officially acknowledged and certified by the Lost Coast Journal that we indeed have a housing shortage, if not a crisis, on the North Coast.  Apparently something like 500 students who started school in August are still looking for  housing.  That is ridiculous!  Why hasn’t a public health crisis been declared?   What is HSU doing about it??? Many unanswered questions. 

I rent out my extra room and bath. I resisted it for years,  then got smart.  A tenant solves a lot of problems.  An extra hand for heavy chores, someone to watch the dog when I’m out of town, lots of advantages. Plus the extra income is like crack; you are instantly addicted.  What’s puzzling to me is that with all the shortage talk,  the PRICE for a room hasn’t really gone up at all.  I charge $600 for a furnished room with private bath,  in a decent area. I’ve only seen  a couple of ads on Craig’s List that want more for a room.  So the law of supply and demand doesn’t seem to be applicable.  

Craig’s List is always a good read.  It’s amazing how many folks want to rent a room for nothing  or “work in exchange for rent”. Who does that except for growers? I usually don’t have to list my vacancy.  I just scan Craig’s lIst for people looking for housing  who sound reasonable.

Anyway, my new tenant is moving in this week.   Happy New Year!


Even the Rich are Fleeing Bay Area Housing Prices

Not that we want to be smug or anything like that, but it’s hard not to experience a bit of schadenfreude when you hear stories like the President of the SF Federal Credit Union relocating to Oregon because of housing prices.  The details are HERE.

Also, recently,  a  Palo Alto planning commissioner announced that she was moving to Santa Cruz after going to extreme measures, including renting a house with another couple. Her story is in the sidebar to the Palo Alto story. Santa Cruz isn’t much of an answer. And in Sonoma, people are paying half a milll for houses that would go for $300K up here. Unbelievable  but true. 


No, Bay Area Real Estate is Not Slowing Down, not even a little bit.

We keep hearing  that SF area values are plateauing, but where’s the evidence?? The San Jose Marriott just sold for almost DOUBLE  the price it sold for less tan three years ago.  This is a slowdown?  What the Bay Area needs, and what WE need is some stability down there. Houses in Sonoma have doubled in value in the last few years but this is not necessarily good news for us.

Read about it HERE.

Well, that didn’t take long! Fortuna Grocery Outlet building for sale already!

With all this rain, we haven’t even made it to Fortuna to check out the new GO and here the building is for sale already! Talk about a quick flip!  Here, courtesy of LoopNet,  is the listing and while you’re  at it you can also pick up the hotel on the Riverwalk. Read about it HERE.


FERNDALE NOTES: A great lunch and the Shaw House is for sale.

I don’t get to Ferndale very often.  It’s awfully cutesy and I’m not a shopper.  Still, we went down Monday dodging the rain drops and had a very refreshing interlude. The Lost Coast Cafe and Bakery is right on Main Street but is at the end of a courtyard and it’s easy to miss.  The owner does the cooking and the fare is vegetarian with some vegan choices, but I, who am neither, enjoyed the food, which is excellent.

There were half a dozen choices on the blackboard menu. I had the grilled cheese with jalapeño and my friend had the burrito du jour. Both were excellent but the accompanying salad was just remarkable. Perfectly composed and with an Asian touch to the dressing- was that sake?- it was outstanding and indicative of the care these people  take with their food.  There were hand-lettered signs around inviting us to their Monday night Italian dinner, which sounds like a winner. Anyway, next time you’re down that way, give the LCC a try.  There IS life beyond the Ferndale Meat Market.  No website.

Also in Ferndale, just a few blocks down Main Street, one of our best-known B&B’s, the Shaw House, is for sale,  details  HERE.

They list it at $1.2 M which is okay for nine bedrooms, nine baths. I think I could manage.

Is it really “the most beautiful home in Ferndale”?  I know some fans of the Gingerbread Mansion who might beg to differ. All I know is I wouldn’t want to be the one guy on the block who didn’t keep up his yard, in Ferndale. The peer pressure must be enormous.