The country is in very good shape, other than if you look South and West,” Trump said at the White House. That’s about it. Peter Baker summarizes The Current Situation right HERE.

All you really need to know about Tony Fauci,” one of his acquaintances told The Post’s Molly Roberts, “is that, at five-foot, seven-inches, he was the captain of his high school basketball team.”

HAVE YOU TRIED THE JERK CHICKEN PLACE ON WABASH? They’re only open Tuesday, Friday and Saturday but they’re worth marking your calendar for. The food is unbelievable. In the old Rita’s at 427 W Harris, phone 407 0586, close at 7pm. WE’ve tried the jerk chicken, which is wonderful , as is the curry goat and the calves; foot which is a lot better than it sounds. Try this place- you won’t be disappointed!

In other food news, Southside Mike’s beloved Mothership has been vandalized TWICE while parked at the Arcata Foodworks. He’s looking for a safe place and I’d offer my backyard but I don’t have hookups. Can anyone help?

And in the New York Times, the Republicans are speaking up. Sen Ben Sasse said ‘I want more briefings but, more importantly, I want the whole White House to start acting like a team on a mission to tackle a real problem,’ Mr. Sasse said. ‘Navarro’s Larry, Moe and Curly junior-high slap fight this week is yet another way to undermine public confidence that these guys grasp that tens of thousands of Americans have died and tens of millions are out of work.’ Senator Roy Blunt, Republican of Missouri, was more succinct: ‘The more they turn the briefings over to the professionals, the better.’”

We’ve commented before this about Sec/State’s Mike Pompeo’s bringing his wife to work with him. He’s still at it. Read about it HERE. And if you want something to keep you up at night, try this from the WAPO about Trump’s post-election plans. Right HERE. And if you want something to tickle your imagination, imagine the tales ready to be told by Michael Cohen, right HERE.

And here’s the daily mental status check of our Fake President, right HERE.

So here we are with Our Fake President trying his best to start confrontations in Democratically led cities, while millions of Americans are losing what little income they had. And John Lewis is dead. We could have used him so much longer.


Rep. Jim Clyburn, (D-SC), who met Lewis 60 years ago at a SNCC meeting in Atlanta and served with him for 27 years in Congress, put it this way: “The country lost a hero last night. A movement lost an icon.”

And we should take a moment to contemplate the differences between the two men. One risked his life for his beliefs. The other has no beliefs, no religion and no understanding of something more important than him and his money. DJT stiffed over 5000 contractors while Lewis was marching for higher wages. DJT’s goal in life, if he has one, is to revoke everything accomplished by our first Black President as if he would erase the fact that we had one. He has isolated us from our allies and made us a laughing stock on the world stage.

And, according to the Washington Post, “President Trump has repeatedly questioned the value of conducting widespread coronavirus testing, arguing that if there were fewer tests conducted, the numbers of infections would be lower. Coronavirus infections and deaths are on the rise in many states.” We have never had such a jackass in the White House and hopefully we never will again.

Finally, he has wreaked havoc on our government and civil service . Where Lewis sought positive change, DJT seeks only power and ore money. Have we learned our lesson?


From CNN: CNN’S MANU RAJU (@mkraju): “Trump’s ‘very fast’ round of golf yesterday lasted about four hours, amounting to his 276th visit to one of his golf clubs during his presidency”

FWIW: Trump has played a lot more golf than Obama.

And we passed a milestone! The WAPO’S count of false or misleading statements by Our Fake President has exceeded 20,000. Read about it HERE.

And while we’re at it: SPOTTED: Stephen Miller getting carryout from Centrolina on Sunday night. His choices are HERE.

As the coronavirus crisis spins out of control, Trump issues directives — but still no clear plan. Read it HERE

THIS IS PRICELESS: Nancy Pelosi just described Trump as being like a man who won’t ask for directions while he’s driving.

IN & OUT: No, I have not waited in line and don’t intend to. I had ONE I&O in my life and it was definitely good, but not worth waiting in line for. Now, if it were a Chic-Fi-A, I’d be lining up with an ice chest, which is how I’ve gotten my supplies from Santa Rosa so far. I ran across a recipe purporting to be a “copycat” of the CFA. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

SAD WEEKEND- Teach your kids who John Lewis was and why HIS life mattered. And take them out to see the comet.

I&O FOLLOWUP- WE WENT or at least my doughty SO went leaving the house at 6:15 and returning at 7:20 and it was a LOT better than I remembered. We both got the double double which I had thought would be too much food but I finished every bite. The lettuce, tomato etc were extremely fresh and the fries se were pretty good too, though not as good as the burger. The chocolate shake was made with good ice cream but had almost NO chocolate flavor but I would definitely order the burger again. The double-double was $4.20 which is fair.