BIEN PADRE-  I am endlessly sad about the demise of Bien Padre, the very model of a well-run, well-beloved local business. I met the owner, Benito Lim, many years ago.  I was probably still working at Redwoods United,  trying to find a job for one of our clients. I recall asking him about vacancies and he told me that no one quit once they were hired.  Everyone I talked to there seemed  to be happy, in contrast to most jobsites, where people would love to complain to a sympathetic listener. Sad!

QUITTING  MAGS- Have you ever noticed how easy it is to subscribe to something and  yet you never seem to get OFF it?  I subscribed to Newsweek for thirty years and stayed with it long after Tina What’s- her name turned it into a chaotic mess.  Now, I’m so glad to be getting TIME instead. The next candidate for the chopping block is Condé Nast Traveler  from which I planned my longish trip to Europe in 1994.  Their photography convinced  me to visit Brittany, for which I will ever be grateful,  but their latest issue, like most of the recent ones, is useless unless you like spending $500 a night  to stay someplace. And their fashion spreads are ridiculous.  If I ever take another travel mag, it would be something like the old Frommer’s which was bought out by Lonely Planet several years ago. I guess everyone’s going online for their travel  info, though.  Not to worry, I’m still subscribing to The Times-Standard, the Mad River Union, the New Yorker, Time, Rolling Stone, Allure, Better Homes, Sunset, the Washington Post (digital  only) , Coastal Living (good for recipes) and a number of train mags and political newsletters. a I will always prefer a paper mag to online because I like slouching in my recliner and I don’t like tablets or anything with a small screen. I wonder what is going to happen with Rolling Stone.  The latest issue weighs a TON,  and although the articles look good, it’s really not user-friendly.  BTW,  Time’s current issue, about the South,  is a must-read.

GOOD EXPERIENCES- lunch with a friend at Gallagher’s,  which I tend to forget about.  Their halibut and chips just can’t be beat.  Also my first acquaintance  with Conti’s service station on Harris, whose staff is friendly and efficient s and couldn’t have been more helpful replacing my battery.  That is one busy station!!  Finally, when my battery died in Murphy’s parking lot,  one of their staff gave me her cell to call AAA with.  Of course I didn’t bring MY phone!  What can happen only three blocks from home?   Plenty, of course.  Thanks to everyone.

WHY IS ANYONE STILL ON FACEBOOK?  Because they WANT their data to be misused? Because they can’t figure out how to share their cat videos on email?  Someone please explain it to me.  I confess I still have an account but I only use it to check “I Remember In Eureka When”.  Within three or four years, mark my words,  FB will be going out of business and there will be a new platform too which you can migrate your cat videos.

Someone said recently that the President Trump MOST resembles is Nixon and the President he LEAST resembles is Eisenhower. Discuss among yourselves.

I am sneezing from the smoke and my cousin’s cousin lost his home in Redding.  God bless the firefighters!




In Salon, David Cay Johnston, Pulitzer prize-winning reporter, reveals what Trump is so afraid of.  He’s in hock to the Russians! As if you didn’t know that.  Remember what Putin looked like at the news conference ending their meeting. HE was bouncy and chipper,  while Trump  looked like he’d been hit by a truck.

Read the full account HERE,


WE’RE GETTING A BREAK!! Our Fake President has declared he will spend “seven days a week” in the 60 days before the November primaries working to elect his followers. He won’t have TIME to insult our allies, concoct destructive tariffs or undermine our intelligence agencies.  Let’s hope he keeps his word.

“THEY’RE CLOSING THE DMV”  in Eureka, or at least that was DMV’S original plan.  What is wrong with them?  Mike Mcguire has apparently  come to the rescue but why was it necessary?  Anyway,  those of you who belong to AAA can use their services instead. I’m going to use the next week to pay my reg fees and I’ll let you know how it goes.

Dr ANGELOFF-  Dr Steven Angeloff has been my dentist for ten years or so and I cannot recommend him more highly.  I just thought I should express my appreciation.  If you can get on with him,  do so.

COSTCO is discontinuing their Polish dog!! How can they?  I don’t even eat hot dogs, which they ARE continuing.  This is as much a disturbance in the force as the election of Trump-   a dreadful development. There is an on-line petition or two.  Several months ago I asked them about buying the hot dog BUNS they use and couldn’t get any info.  Well, at least they’re easy to make at home.  But my faith in COSTCO is shaken.


“ROOM WANTED”  Anyone ever rented a room in their house?  I’ve done it for years, off and on.  You’d think with a supposed housing shortage  in Humboldt,  the Craig’s List would be full of worthy candidates, but the listings are just as scary as ever.  Here’s a couple of current examples;  “Pregnant 16-year old with two dogs  seeks room for less than $500.”  I really wish her the  best and hope she finds something.  Here’s another: “Viking pagan seeks sacred space”.  Don’t know how well he’d fit in Cutten. Be grateful for the roof over your head!  Some folks don’t have one.

Finally,  don’t forget our Fake President’s immortal words:  ” “Just remember: What you’re seeing and what you’re reading is not what’s happening.”  Don’t believe your lying eyes! We are only supposed to believe him. Will sanity return after November?? 


This week we were treated to walkback after walkback while Trump’s staff tried to dig him out from his gaffes. Remember when they used to call Reagan “The Great Communicator”?   Haven’t heard that about Trump, have you?   Serious folks in government are now laying plans for bypassing this fool.  From the Washington Post,  read the full version HERE.