Junk TV I Love- Mohammed and Danielle on “90 Day Fiancée”

On this Fourth of July weekend it is appropriate to contemplate the plight of those who are NOT born into the Land of the Brave. A&E, which delivers the most low-rent TV around, is currently running “90 Day Fiancée- Happily Ever After”. This is a riff on their earlier series and a lot of the footage is the same but it’s so hideously awful that you literally cannot stop watching. The idea is to examine five couples who have applied for the “fiancée” visa, whereby you bring your beloved to the States and if you get married within that time, he/she is well on their way to citizenship.

Last season,  there was an interesting variety of characters. Your have the nice young couple- he from New Orleans, she from Thailand, who are foundering because she would rather be back home.  There’s the hot young actress from Colombia who is obviously going to leave her Okie husband once they get settled in Miami. There’s the Russian babe (SHE thinks she’s gorgeous) who’s miffed that her hubby lied about being rich. And, above all, there are Mohammed and Danielle, whose prolonged breakup is delicious because they’re both such dreadful people.  

Mohammed is 28, from Tunis in Tunisia,  and hot hot hot.  Danielle is 43,  from Sandusky OH and not not not.  I don’t shame anyone for their  looks, but I will shame someone for neglect. Danielle has never made the acquaintance of a comb or other grooming implements. She has three kids and told Mohammed she made a comfortable living. She’s actually heavily in debt. (They met online,  of course.) They get married in Ohio, and to the consternation of the gathered crowd, Mohammed won’t kiss the bride because it’s Ramadan. It goes downhill from there. The five of them move in together and the arguments begin. He’s upset that she isn’t wealthy.  She’s upset that he’s upset. Finally he gets his green card and two months later he takes off for Miami with a woman he met online. Danielle follows him there and the have a confrontation. She agrees to a divorce, which means he could possibly stay in the US. Later, she files an annulment  which will trigger his deportation. He moves to Port Richey but she finds him and has him served. I think she files two different annulments. Mohammed gets work as an Uber driver. Danielle buys a trailer. Life goes on. 

If you have any lingering discontentments about your life, watch 90 Day Fiancée- Happily Ever After.  You’ll feel better about yourself.


FREE ADA Training from the County

The ADA is really pretty easy to understand, if you want to. Here’s an announcement from the County.

“No-Cost ADA Training for Contractors, Property Managers.   In an effort to help local contractors, engineers, property managers and other businesses comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the County of Humboldt will be providing a free workshop on the subject in July. This workshop, led by Sally Swanson Architects, Inc., will focus on ADA Title II and III regulations related to facilities and construction. This workshop will help you understand issues, identify ADA barriers and actions to take to mitigate against future costs. Topics of the training will include: Accessories and clearances,  Adjusting door closures and automatic door openers, Aisle/corridor widths, Door maneuvering clearances, Furniture and fixtures Mounting heights/reach heights, Parking signage, striping and parking stalls, Path of travel, minor concrete work, grinding, and asphalt to include parking lots and sidewalks, Protruding objects, Ramps and stairs, Restrooms Signage Terminology. The workshop will be held on Wednesday, July 26 from 8:30 am to 11 am at the Sequoia Conference Center at 901 Myrtle Ave. in Eureka. If you are interested in attending this free training, please reserve your space by contacting cao@co.humboldt.ca.us or calling 707-445-7266 no later than July 21. “

Well worth attending! 


Short Ribs and Random Thoughts July 4 2017

Independence Day and our country is in the process of being wrecked by a cretin who has no wisdom, no knowledge and no shame. Happy Fourth!

Hurricane season began June 1- and continues to the end of November. But our lazy President has yet to name anyone to lead FEMA.  Do lives have to be lost before this jackass gets serious about his responsibilities???   Apparently.

The Housing Shortage- A month or so ago the AEDC sponsored a forum on our perpetual housing shortage.  I didn’t cover it in the blog because Gregg Foster and others did so very well. I just found out that a young relative in the Bay Area has just been accepted  for Section 8 housing after ELEVEN YEARS on the list. The plight of the poor and disabled in the Bay Area economy-  heck, ANY high cost area-  is real and under-reported.

Is Jeff Sessions the  LEAST impressive person in the Federal Government? There are counter clerks at Six Rivers Forest who show more wisdom and presence than he does. An Attorney General should have a memory; that should be a basic qualification.  Every response in his recent testimony was “I don’t recall”.  He looks like Howdy Doody and he sounds like Gomer Pyle. And he wants to restore the War on Weed. What a winner.

Venus Williams will likely pay a pretty penny for her car accident in Florida but the whole incident will have a good effect if it reminds people that you don’t have to be driving FAST to have a fatal accident.

Trump’s horoscope- is available  at AstroDienst. I will only make some brief observations. The first is that a “normal ” or “balanced” scope is one in which the planets are spread around the wheel, not bunched up in one place. Trump’s are bunched up in the left half of the ‘scope, which indicates a limited  point of view, or limitations in his personality. He also has Mars conjunct his ascendant which indicates belligerence. And his moon is opposite his Sun/Uranus conjunction indicating major conflicts between his inner and outer personas. His four planets in Cancer indicate a home-loving person with domestic proclivities. Let’s see how well he does on his trip later this week.



Short Ribs and Random Thoughts

Though I’d call our short takes this week “short ribs”. This county, like Napoleon’s army, lives on its stomach.

Eating Out:   we had out of town company and ended up unexpectedly in two  Asian places I hadn’t tried.  The A&J Ichiban had had some so-so reviews but we found it delightful.  I didn’t take notes but the food was fine. Good service, too. Will definitely be back.  The other was the Siam Orchid, tucked behind the lock shop at 4th and V Streets.   The shrimp curry was so good I took the sauce home in a little box. Again, we will return.

Dumping on Uber- seems to be the new cottage industry. I don’t CARE what happens to  their goofy CEO, I don’t CARE what happens to anyone there, I just want to  salute their magnificent software that AWAYS  WORKS. My friend got a ride to ACV the morning he left, no hassles. Like Obamacare,  now that we’re used to it, it won’t go away. Hopefully.

Old Town Sac- There are plans to our a lot of money into ti to make OTS a destination “such as Beale Street or the French Quarter”.  Well, Beale Street is nothing special but I’d sure like to see them do something with Old Sac.  Some former Disney Imagineers are apparently involved.  Read about it HERE.

Kushner’s Middle East Mess and Other Distractions of the Trump Era

Jared Kushner, Presidential son-in-law and Minister of Everything, has been charged by his lazy father-in-law with running the government. He is not particularly suited for this. Trump has selected the worst tinpot dictators on the planet as his role models,  hence the assignments of his famdamly to jobs which other  Presidents took seriously. Now Ivanka is ensconced in a White House office where she states she “stays out of politics”.  Stays out of the old man’s way, is more like it.  OUR GOVERNMENT IS SERIOUSLY DYSFUNCTIONAL due to empty positions not filled,  policies dropped without backup and confusion of roles.  

Six months into his term, Trump has not signed into law a single statute except for the change in the VA law that supposedly makes it easier to fire VA executives. Big whoop. Don doesn’t understand management.  That’s why he thinks all you have to do to solve your problems is to fire someone. He’ll probably leave the White House without having learned any different. He’s such a poor salesman that there will be no health care bill, nor any other major piece of legislation.  Those Executive Orders that he signs with great pomp and ceremony have no weight.  He minces around showing off his signature as if he’s just learned to write,  flashing these specious “orders” like (as somebody said) “a damn Price is Right girl”   Just remember, his aim is to distract. Mueller and company are on his track  and are looking into his Russian money ties.  

The NYT tells it best. Read about it HERE

..And You Think YOU’VE Got Problems

Sometimes it helps to be aware of what folks in other reaches of our fair land are putting up with.  Here’s some people in my second-favorite state trying to do the right thing. If you’ve ever travelled in South Carolina,  you’ve likely eaten at one of Bessinger’s BBQ shacks. Mustard Barbecue! Can’t beat it.  The New Yorker covered this recently also. Read about it HERE

HARBOR GROUP To Discuss Forming CSD In Samoa

The Humboldt Bay Harbor Working Group (HBHWG) welcomes Troy Nicolini, member of the Samoa Volunteer Fire Department Board of Directors, who will present the effort by the Samoa Fire Department to reorganize as a Community Services District. The goal is to maintain fire and medical aid services on the peninsula while also providing  additional benefits to the community.  This is a multi-year effort that is slated to be on the ballot in November.

The forum is being held on Wednesday, June 28, 2017 at noon at the Samoa Cookhouse. Check in at 12pm, lunch served at 1215pm, presentation at 1245pm., close at 130pm. Lunch is $16 for southern fried chicken or $12 for soup and salad.  RSVP by calling Charlie Bean at 707-441-1974.