A moment of silence, please. MAD Magazine will publish its last original issue in August.  When I was 12,  it was the only mag i read. Read about it HERE.

And if you’re thinking you’ve been caught in a time warp, no, that’s just Our Fake President continuing to obsess about his predecessor. Deep -seated feelings of inadequacy?? Read about it HERE.

And here’s a pretty good summary of OFP’s chances next year. But how many more scandals will surface before then? Read it HERE.

I’m getting frustrated with all the attacks Joe Biden has had to sustain re: remarks years ago which weren’t that horrible, while OFP violates human decency every day.

I was very sad to hear of the death of Bob, the owner of Humboldt Lock & Safe. He came to my house a couple of years ago when I somehow managed to lock my car with the seat belt jammed into the lock. The man worked for an hour and a half to free it. I will never forget how kind he was.

Those of you who use Next Door, have you seen the announcements in the business press that ND is about to take on Zillow in the RE listing space? They have had a long and expensive rollout. So now we’ll see if their revenue model is realistic. Stay tuned!

Short edition today, busy dog shopping. Have a nice lazy summer day!


Our Fake President is so eager to dismantle the Federal government he doesn’t care whose money he wastes. Read about how he wants to gut the USDA, right HERE.

And if you want to learn more about his plans to waste your money, look HERE.

And if you want to be reminded of how low Trump can go in lying mode, try THIS. And if you were wondering about how Breitbart is doing, read about it HERE.

And if you want to hear a great record, go to You Tube and click on OLD TOWN ROAD by Lil Nas X. I am not kidding you- great bbq music. Have a great day!


Lyin’ again! Our Fake Pres just can’t admit he could actually LOSE an election. Read about it HERE.

And Ol’ Don just can’t seem to help himself when his sweetie Putin is in attendance.  His mockery of  the summit is astounding.  Read about it HERE.

FROM THE SUMMIT- Here’s how OFP handled his first presser, trashing Jimmy Carter and K. Harris and cozying up to his sweetie. Read about it HERE.

HERE THEY ARE – the week in cartoons. You’re very welcome! See them HERE.

AND HERE’S A LONG BUT REWARDING READ about Gorsuch and his effect on the SCOTUS. Read it HERE.

WE ARE SIXTEEN MONTHS FROM RIDDING OURSELVES of the worst President in history, one who tells our press that what he said to Putin is “None of our business”. HAH! Maybe Trump should start paying for his own airfare, including that for his family members that he so generously includes in his trips. How will Trump acquit himself when faced with an adversary, like Kamala Harris, who is smarter , better educated and – unlike Hilary Clinton- has a race card SHE can play.? Based on Trump’s nasty debate performances of the past, this will be the dirtiest election in our history and I am surprised so many candidates have emerged. If Kamala is the nominee, she will be trashed like no other candidate in history, by the worst President in history. What has our country come to ?

I notice that Matt Owen in his Times-Standard column this morning, states that he likes to refer to impeachment as “Trump’s criminal activity”. This is not an original thought. Donny Deutsch, on MSNBC’s Morning Joe and Saturday Night Politics, has been pushing that nomenclature for the past month, but Matt does not credit him. Tsk tsk.

FOOD ETC- We had a very pleasant experience ordering Diver pizza from Door Dash. The “gorgy” pizza and the pepperoni were perfect and crostini with blue cheese was also perfect. I wish they opened earlier. A worthy establishment. No website, but you know where they are.


From NOSH, here’s some news from Crescent City. I called Rumiano to confirm where their retail outlets are in Eureka are and was told no one that knew. The lady who answered the phone volunteered that she had only been to Eureka once,  briefly,  and that their marketing was being done by an outfit in Willows.  I called them, and no one called me back. The fact that Rumiano is surviving with such a lame marketing effort is a tribute to the excellence of their cheese,  I guess. That “Seoul Spice” sounds pretty good.  Read about it HERE.