From the AP:   ” PETE BUTTIGIEG dined at Sylvia’s in Harlem on Monday with Rev. Al Sharpton — a campaign ritual for Democratic presidential aspirants. The candidate ate macaroni and cheese, fried chicken and collard greens; the reverend had dry toast. ”    I’m with Pete,  but I can see how the Rev keeps that  weight off.

Check Sylvia’s out right HERE.

It’s been an eventful week already (writing this on Wednesday) in that The Fat Man has been pinned as a Trump shill. See THIS. Even more astounding was his claimed belief that if the President “BELIEVES” an accusation is “unfair” he has the right to terminate the investigation. Do YOU believe that?

And do you wonder why Trump and his sweetie Putin had a 90-minute phone conversation during which the Russians’ DOCUMENTED interference in the 2016 elections “didn’t come up.” Because Trump is too much of a wuss to BRING it up? Our gutless President, who doesn’t even have the nerve to FIRE people himself in real life, ( Tillerson, Priebus, Comey etc) is supposed to be the leader of the Free World. He’s no Churchill, that’s for sure.

BTW, it didn’t take John Kelly long to sell out. Read about it HERE.

And B. Obama dined Saturday night at San Lorenzo, near the DC convention center. The menu is hard to read but it’s HERE.

The Fat Man is proving to be just as corrupt as the Fake President. The next 18 months are going to be exhausting. Enjoy your holiday. Happy Cinco de Mayo!1


Lots of news this week, we’ll try to bring you the highlights.  Hilary Clinton has a calm perspective on the Mueller report  that you can read right HERE. 

Philip Bump of the Washington Post,  puts Our Dear Leader in perspective HERE.  And if you were wondering whether Jared’s buddies, the Saudis,  have changed their ways, the answer is right HERE.

The BEST news all week is that the NRA is falling apart.  Read about it HERE.  The Atlantic has an interesting read about Mick Mulvaney,  right HERE.

“The past is always with us.”  The WAPO’s take on political correctness.  Remember Kate Smith?  Read about her HERE. 

We mentioned the Café Milano before as being Jared and Ivanka’s fave hangout. On Thursday the diners included Rudy Giuliani, the Larry Kudlows and Debbie Dingle. What a hot spot! HERE’s what we’re missing.

And, this from CNN: @jaketapper: “Senior administration official: this morning White House Cabinet Secretary Bill McGinley announced that all Trump administration officials are being ordered to boycott the White House Correspondents Association dinner this weekend.” … “Administration official adds that the order came from President Trump personally though staffers have been trying to talk him out of it.” What kind of President would willfully damage his own standing with the media? A dictator, maybe?

AND WHAT KIND OF PRESIDENT wouldn’t want to secure his country’s elections from cyber attacks? Hmmmmm?

Locally, how should I feel about the fact that the biggest headline in our local paper of record in months is about In and Out Burger? We’ve always been food-centric, but this is ridiculous. Don’t get your hopes up, folks! They’re not that great! I’d take Stars anytime.

While we’re at it, what kind of Congressman would try to take away free tax filing from his constituents? The same Rep. Richard Neal who seems to be so solicitous about his constituents when he gets TV time s as a member of the House Way & Mans committee. He’s a RAT! not the kind of rat Our Fake President wails about, the kind who cooperates with the Justice Dept, no a REAL Rat who screws his constituents. Read about him HERE.

Happy Passover, everyone!