THE MIDTERMS ARE OVER and thank God for that.  I was generally happy with the local results and relieved that, nationally,  the populace is rejecting  the lies and no-nothingism of Our Fake President.

Has it occurred to anyone else that Donald Trump is in the wrong job?  With his constant need for praise and attention and his stunning lack of attention to detail, he obviously should have been a Borscht Belt comic. He doesn’t know how to lead so he’s apparently going to spend the next two years bullying, lying and whining.  He even blew his visit to the fire zone as reported by TMZ HERE. 

BTW, he claimed the Finnish President had schooled him that raking the forest floor prevented wildfires.  The Finnish President recalled no such statement. Trump is 73 years old, delusional, and gets most of his ideas from Fox news.  It’s going to be a long two years.

NUT/SALES/BEGGING CALLS-  Are you plagued as I am by unwelcome phone calls selling insurance or mortgages or lower interest rates?  I’ve been suffering in silence but I recently found you can block the numbers that don’t display their caller ID information. These are the same miscreants for the most part and – at least on Suddenlink phones- you can dial *77 to block them, *87 to unblock.  Check the Suddenlink website for other options, or some of these may work on other systems.   All I know is that my phone  is a lot quieter since I dialed *77.

EUREKA GROCERY DELIVERY-   I do NOT have an interest in this company, but I wish I did, because I think they’re going to be a big success.  Since I’ve been hobbling around on a cane,  I LOATHE grocery shopping or more correctly, the task of getting the groceries from the garage into the kitchen,  which is a long haul if you have only one hand to work with.  Now I have had my first delivery from Eureka Grocery Delivery and in the words of Phoebe Snow, who I’ve been listening to a lot lately,  “My life is like a song.”   Christo is PERFECT in following lists, which you can email to him for next day delivery. Plus he’ll bring them right into your kitchen.  Contact them  at 672 3812  or  HERE.

SPEAKING OF SUDDENLINK-  This digital rollout has  been a mismanaged disaster. I’ve been talking to Sean at Access Humboldt about having a workshop for the community about alternatives to cable.  As soon as we agree on a date, you’ll hear about it.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING,  EVERYONE.  Remember the fire victims and DONATE.

William Goldman, 1931-2018 

FROM CNN:Brian Lowry emails: Screenwriter William Goldman, who died on Friday, was almost as famous for what he wrote and said about writing – the book “Adventures in the Screen Trade,” the line “nobody knows anything” – as his much-admired screenplays, which include “All the President’s Men,” “The Princess Bride,” “Marathon Man” and “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.” It was also Goldman — not Deep Throat — who came up with the line “follow the money” in the first of those films, about as often-mangled a movie line as exists……


If you ever have a chance to visit Glasgow, do it.   A mere two hours from Edinburgh by train, (Edinburgh being 5 hrs north of London by train). You will find an eclectic city of art, history and culture beating any other town of its size all hollow. Be sure to stay at the Babbity Bowster.

And read about the crime rate falling HERE.      God, I  love Glasgow.



ELECTION TOMORROW- As if you didn’t know. And if you somehow didn’t manage to register YOU CAN STILL VOTE.  Call the elections office at  445-7481.

JERRY BROWN’S LAST HALLOWE’EN AS GOVERNOR-  While I’m debating who was  the worst- Trump or Nixon (probably Trump) here’s a video from Sacramento illustrating  how a statement interacts with his constituents.  You can hear him telling a kid to hurry up, make up his mind. My favorite curmugeon.  God, I’m going to miss him.  Watch HERE

The SBDC-  I get a lot of mail from them but I can’t forward it to you because it’s in a newsletter format.  The Small Business Development Center is invaluable for anyone interested in starting or improving a  business.  They have classes on budgeting,  business plan development  and they’re all FREE.  This is a terrific  service you should take advantage of if you’re in business or thinking about it.   Get in touch with them HERE.

Republican politics is as dirty as ever, are you surprised? Donald Trump JR. is on the radio calling Nancy Pelosi old and tired while she has stumped in 30 cities in 31 days.  His dad is calling Stacy Abrams “unqualified” to be the Governor of Georgia.  She’s been a lawyer and the head of the minority caucus in  the Georgia State Legislature. In other words, she’s qualified for the office she’s running for, which Our Fake President was not.

A SHORT RIBS HACK!!  Ina Garten, who will be familiar to those of you addicted to The Food Channel, had a life-changing hack in last week’s Parade mag.  Rather than brown the ribs on all four sides,  WHICH I HATE DOING,  she roasts the ribs on a cookie sheet for 20 minutes to accomplish the same.  I am forever grateful to her, even though her husband is a Trump-related lawyer.  HERE’s her recipe;  I only do 3 lbs at a time. Definitely having short ribs for Thanksgiving this year!!


In the wake of terrorist bombings targeting the media, the closest Our Fake President can come to an apology for his inflammatory behavior is to smirk “I’m trying to be nice”.  This is the first admission from Trump that he is unfit to be President.  Yes, Presidents are supposed to be nice.  They are supposed to be above the kind of gutter politics that Trump has almost normalized.  Have we forgotten that Fred Trump was arrested at a Klan rally back in the ’20s? Have we forgotten the Trumps’ long record of racist business practices?  The folks who elected him knew exactly whet they were getting. Now it’s up to the rest of us to clean up the mess and reclaim the English language. “Refugees” are not “invaders”.  Peaceful protesters are not mobs. Graciousness is not a sign of weakness. And you can quit waiting for Trump to actually come up with a  specific example of “fake news”. Anything that doesn’t praise him is “fake”. The entire planet is suffering from his ignorance and narcissism.  Oh, and Jamal Kashoggi is still dead, and Trump will cover for the murderous Saudis because they own him.   Let’s wipe that smirk off his face. Be sure to vote by Tuesday.

Here’s a lighter take;  “We should never again elect a president that never drinks and doesn’t like dogs.”  Michael Avenatti in POLITICO. –  Amen to that.

DULCE BISTRO- -was still not answering the phone at 2pm Tuesday.  They have  apparently really closed.  Meanwhile their competitor, Le Monde,  is reduced to offering French Dip sandwiches.  I guess that passes for “French cuisine” these days.

As if there weren’t enough bad news, the Philly-area pizzerias are now pushing PICKLES on pizza!!!   I haven’t even accepted PINEAPPLE as a reasonable choice as a pizza topping.  This is not good news.

John Cox, who is apparently running for governor, was escorted from the Chico COSTCO the other day for bothering customers as they tried to buy gas.  Ya got to hand it to him for trying.

COCKROACHES AT RALIBERTO’S:  I was terrified and astounded to hear that my favorite source of food, Railberto’s, had been closed by the Health Department because of a cockroach infestation.  There are a lot worse violations than bugs,  poor refrigeration being one . I must have gotten takeout from Ralilberto’s 50 or 60 times since they’re been open in Eureka and each time was a celestial experience.  I’d put their fish tacos up against anyone’s. It is true that I am more blasé about cockroaches than some other folks,  but I lived twelve years in Hawaii and you don’t live in Hawaii without getting used to cockroaches.  Over there you have both the big bombers and the little ones.  We didn’t mind the big ones because  they supposedly kept the little ones under control.  And if they get on your nerves,  you can at least hear them and go dispatch them with a fly swatter. The little one, forget it.  All you can do is try to keep the from getting established. The house I  lived in the longest had a four-foot crawlspace which helped a lot. We always had a gecko or two but I never  ONCE saw a gecko eating a roach. In fact, I  never saw a gecko eat anything. I think they just exist, like an air plant. Anyway,  I will be back to wonderful Raliberto’s.   Very soon.

Just in:  Our Fake President just told the Speaker of the House that he “knows nothing” about the 14th Amendment. I guess ignorance really is bliss.  Read about it HERE.

Happy Hallowe’en, everyone!