“Taste of Bim” IS Pretty Tasty; Amy’s Delight Delivers.

A TASTE OF BIM-  When I finally got to check out A Taste of Bim, the new Caribbean restaurant on 3rd Street (in the back half of what used to be the Avalon) the lunch rush had subsided and we were the only customers. The waitress was cheery and the space is colorful and full of light. Go HERE for a link to their website.

The food is definitely out of the ordinary. I ordered the codfish fritters, which come as three deep-fried tennis-ball size portions on a banana leaf. In appearance they’re kind of daunting but once you cut into them, they are absolutely delicious. They came with a mustard sauce that was also good.

I also had the jerk chicken wings, which were good. The jerk flavor was very mild. My friend had the roti with chicken, which turned out to be a large taco-like construction with the meat and potatoes stuffing folded into a sort of tortilla. It was very, very good and we were both impressed with the quality and the value.  The codfish fritters, for example, were $5. A Taste of Bim – “Bim” by the way, is short for Barbados- should do very well in a part of town that could use some new choices.  Open from 11-9 M-Th, 11-10 Fri-Sat, 11-7 Sunday. Check it out.

AMY’S DELIGHT- “I’ve driven past this place a thousand times” I said to myself. Amy’s is that place just down from Winco that you always pass by because  you’re just had lunch. I figure that with at least three trips a week to Winco,  COSTCO or some place on Broadway, plus return, I have actually driven past Amy’s 1560 times in the past five years. See? I never exaggerate.

We checked Amy’s out on a Friday morning and when we entered at 1130 no one was there.  We were greeted by a pleasant man who brought us a plate of cut-up oranges. He and his wife, who stayed in the kitchen, are the proprietors and her Asian heritage explains some of the menu items, like the chow mein.  They have many choices for breakfast or lunch and the prices are reasonable. We both had the chicken-fried steak breakfast which was good and which I could not finish.  By the time we left, the lunch crowd had arrived and there was not an empty seat. Amy’s closes at 3pm.  Their Facebook link is HERE and now you have no further excuse to drive past without stopping.  I’m definitely going back.

Open Tuesday-Friday 11-8, Saturday 7-2, closed Sunday and Monday.