In the wake of terrorist bombings targeting the media, the closest Our Fake President can come to an apology for his inflammatory behavior is to smirk “I’m trying to be nice”.  This is the first admission from Trump that he is unfit to be President.  Yes, Presidents are supposed to be nice.  They are supposed to be above the kind of gutter politics that Trump has almost normalized.  Have we forgotten that Fred Trump was arrested at a Klan rally back in the ’20s? Have we forgotten the Trumps’ long record of racist business practices?  The folks who elected him knew exactly whet they were getting. Now it’s up to the rest of us to clean up the mess and reclaim the English language. “Refugees” are not “invaders”.  Peaceful protesters are not mobs. Graciousness is not a sign of weakness. And you can quit waiting for Trump to actually come up with a  specific example of “fake news”. Anything that doesn’t praise him is “fake”. The entire planet is suffering from his ignorance and narcissism.  Oh, and Jamal Kashoggi is still dead, and Trump will cover for the murderous Saudis because they own him.   Let’s wipe that smirk off his face. Be sure to vote by Tuesday.

Here’s a lighter take;  “We should never again elect a president that never drinks and doesn’t like dogs.”  Michael Avenatti in POLITICO. –  Amen to that.

DULCE BISTRO- -was still not answering the phone at 2pm Tuesday.  They have  apparently really closed.  Meanwhile their competitor, Le Monde,  is reduced to offering French Dip sandwiches.  I guess that passes for “French cuisine” these days.

As if there weren’t enough bad news, the Philly-area pizzerias are now pushing PICKLES on pizza!!!   I haven’t even accepted PINEAPPLE as a reasonable choice as a pizza topping.  This is not good news.

John Cox, who is apparently running for governor, was escorted from the Chico COSTCO the other day for bothering customers as they tried to buy gas.  Ya got to hand it to him for trying.

COCKROACHES AT RALIBERTO’S:  I was terrified and astounded to hear that my favorite source of food, Railberto’s, had been closed by the Health Department because of a cockroach infestation.  There are a lot worse violations than bugs,  poor refrigeration being one . I must have gotten takeout from Ralilberto’s 50 or 60 times since they’re been open in Eureka and each time was a celestial experience.  I’d put their fish tacos up against anyone’s. It is true that I am more blasé about cockroaches than some other folks,  but I lived twelve years in Hawaii and you don’t live in Hawaii without getting used to cockroaches.  Over there you have both the big bombers and the little ones.  We didn’t mind the big ones because  they supposedly kept the little ones under control.  And if they get on your nerves,  you can at least hear them and go dispatch them with a fly swatter. The little one, forget it.  All you can do is try to keep the from getting established. The house I  lived in the longest had a four-foot crawlspace which helped a lot. We always had a gecko or two but I never  ONCE saw a gecko eating a roach. In fact, I  never saw a gecko eat anything. I think they just exist, like an air plant. Anyway,  I will be back to wonderful Raliberto’s.   Very soon.

Just in:  Our Fake President just told the Speaker of the House that he “knows nothing” about the 14th Amendment. I guess ignorance really is bliss.  Read about it HERE.

Happy Hallowe’en, everyone!



TRUMP’S UGLY JACKET-  If Trump keeps wearing that ugly flight jacket that he has apparently adopted as his disaster garb, his approval rating will go down to 15% by the midterm. Just watch.

MELANIA-  While we’re talking appearances, Melania is being dispatched to Africa.  She will apparently not say anything insensitive, since her English is still so poor it’s barely understandable.  I’m sure she’ll  look great.

AVENATTI-  What do you think about Michael Avenatti as President?  He couldn’t be any worse than what we have now. I think it’s about time we had an Italian.  My generation expected the first would be Mario Cuomo.

REAL ESTATE- an 804 square foot flat was sold in San Francisco for $5.3M.  Meanwhile a house of about the same square footage  is selling in Cutten for $176K.

PASSAGES-  Very sorry to hear of the passing of Marty Balin.   They’re dropping like flies.

TRUMP’S BROMANCE -as reported  by Daniel Dale in SALON-  “Trump on Kim Jong Un;  I was really being tough and so was he.  And we would go back and forth.. And then we fell in love. No really.  He wrote me beautiful letters.  They were great letters  And then we fell in love.”   THIS  IDIOT IS YOUR PRESIDENT.  And we are the laughing stock of the world.

HUMBOLDT SOUP COMPANY-  I am absolutely crazy about their Chicken Coconut Curry but I’m too spoiled to drive over there unless I know they have it.  They post their offerings on Facebook, but not consistently, and not early enough for office workers to  plan their lunch.   I called over Thursday to see if they had the curry,  was told they did, and  rushed over just as they were changing the sign  because  they sold out. I settled for the Chicken Verde,  which was good but their system relies on customers NOT having strong preferences.  I’ve emailed her and nagged her and I truly believe that if she would  post her soups DAILY  before 11am, she would double her business.  Am I wrong?  I realize she’s apparently opening a new place, in the site of the late motorcycle cafe whose name I can’t recall.  We wish her well.

WHY DON’T WOMEN COME FORWARD?  When molested, harassed or raped?  IMHO a lot of it has to do with how girls are raised, to not make waves.  And a lot if it has to do with individual personality.  I was raised by a grandmother who was sort of an Amazon (raised six kids while running a grocery store).  She taught us to stand up for ourselves.  A guy tried to rape me many years ago. I couldn’t WAIT to tell the police. The wonderful LAPD caught  the perp in just a few hours and he was returned to prison (he was a parolee).  My experience was terrifying but NOTHING like how a real rape would have been.  I understand why women don’t want to report  it but wish they all could.  Unless you’ve walked in their shoes ,  you probably can’ t understand the pain.

KAVANAUGH”S MELTDOWN-  was horrible to behold. As Bill Maher commented,  he’s been taking Whiny Little Bitch lessons from Trump. This man doesn’t  belong on a traffic court much less on the highest court of the land for the rest of his life.