The Flu

I got it. I’ve been sick for two weeks. First, three days of sneezing, then three days of coughing followed by a week of misery/fatigued/fitful sleep. Hope none of you have to go through this.

Our friend Fred suggested I should have had a flu shot.  I DID have a flu shot, back in October. It was one of the  last things I did  before we left on our train trip.  I cannot imagine trying to travel with this. Unfortunately, there is more than one type of flu,  and the shots are helpful  but not a slam -dunk guarantee.  HERE’s some guidance from the County.

My diet has consisted  of Paul Newman’s Limeade, and delivery from Babe’s.  LOTS of Limeade. I can go through a carton in a morning. I actually have a doctor appointment tomorrow-  it was for something else but had to be postponed  because of the flu.  Maybe she’ll be able to do something for me. Or maybe I’ll cancel again, since I’m still not feeling great. Calling in sick to my doctor appointment.  Sometimes the best thing to do.  Don’t want to make THEM sick too. Between the lousy weather and the flu I have missed out entirely on the Lebowski  events and Chinese New Year.  But there’s still a few more days when you can squeeze in CNY.

Up to 50,000 people have the flu right now in the US. The flu is nothing to mess with. Every year people die from it.  My own great-grandmother died of the 1918 flu that killed thousands.  That was right here in Eureka. Bottom line:   if you haven’t  had your shot, do it now.  Anything is better than this.