BBQ Update And Tragedy In Eureka

Many of you are already aware that the wonderful Sammy’s BBQ and Catering has expanded from its original King Salmon venue  (1125  King Salmon,  tel 442-4227) to North Eureka, 1709 5th Street,  (used to be a pho place)  Tel 443-4227.) Yes, the phone numbers are only one digit apart. The new place has had some complaints about their service and their credit card policies  but until the rain stops and I can check it out for myself I’ll just pass the good news along. The new place is open 11am-7pm.  The old place-you’d better call.  Remember, never on Sunday.

Speaking of BBQ, I hope you all know that Southside Mike has been blessed by the Planning Department and has found his home around to the side of John’s Cigars in the Myrtle Avenue  shopping center.  Go check out his new rig!  Mike is normally there from 1pm to 5pm Wed-Sat but he’s had the flu, so keep your fingers crossed. His tri-tip is wonderful, but so is everything else.  Look sharp when you pass by or your view may be blocked by Jacob’s La Barca taco truck – a worthy alternative to BBQ if you’re not ravenous.

The TRAGEDY in our headline is that ROY’S CLUB IS CLOSING!! The oldest continuously operating restaurant in Eureka – older than I am, for God’s sake- is closing forever, at least according to a Facebook post.  I haven’t been able to get anyone at the restaurant to confirm this but  I suspect it’s true. Last summer I tried to book a party of 8 for dinner (family reunion) and was told that “the  chef” was going to be out for an operation  for a couple of weeks.  Skimpy staffing is always a danger sign. Now, the word is out that their last day will be Feb 18. Bet they’ll be sold out for Valentine’s Day!

I think its dreadful that a place like Roy’s is closing without a parade or fireworks  or something. I guess it’s too late to think that a local hero with $$$$ will step in to change this but we can always hope. The only bright spot in this is that the Bella Italia, down on 4th Street, is still doing great meals.  The linguini Pescadores is fantastic.  Now that Mazzotti’s has descended into ordinariness, this is where I go for my Italian fix.  Go check them out if you haven’t.


The glorious mess that is Bella Italia

Bella Italia is hard to get a grip on. There’s no website. The menu seems to be in flux. We entered to a cacophony of breaking dishes and crying babies. But we all left happy. Let me explain.

Bella Italia is now located across from the Banana Hut on 5th Street in Eureka. When you enter you are overwhelmed by the most wonderful smells.  They distract  you from the chaos and the crying  babies  and the sketchy decor.  This is not a place that emphasizes appearance.

Judging from past Yelp reviews, the menu is smaller than it used to be.  I was kind of curious about that Greek pasta but there is plenty left to pick from.  I was with a group of six and two of us ordered the dinner salad.  At $7.95 it is HUGE – and excellent-  and you might as well split one.  There was only one waiter, a young fellow with a great attitude. Most of the folks who ordered wine had to negotiate a second choice-  they were out of a lot of items, having just come off the Labor Day weekend.

A couple of us had the ravioli ($15.95) and they cleaned their plates.  I had the Pasta Pescadores, with shrimp, salmon and scallops at $17.95,  very good and and it heated up well the next day.  As we were finishing the owner came out so we at least got a glimpse of the chef. 

Bella Italia is a strange and wonderful place.   I can’t wait to go back.